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More Birthdays Mean More Cake!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Since Shane’s cake turned out so well, I thought I would go for it for Kerry and Ryan’s birthday dinner on Friday night. Oh, it was so good!

We kept this a small affair – only five of us. Arancini started the night right. If you have never had these, they are risotto balls stuffed with cheese and fried. Oh my golly. And I won’t lie, I bought these beauties at Trader Joe’s – less cooking for me! Yay!

Trader Joe's - Arancini Bites

They’re bigger in person. Anyhoo, the menu was rack of lamb, pesto mashed potatoes and a veggie medley. That veggie medley also came from Trader Joe’s, but it was not so tasty, so lets not mention it again, shall we?

You have got to check out the cake!

Risotto Mania!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

I have challenged myself recently to only eat what we have in the house (no shopping til the weekend) so we can see what we really have and to stop waste. We saw how I revamped the fluff-deprived marshmallows into soft taffy as hostess gifts. Last night I thawed the leftover french onion soup we made last week, toasted up the last of the beautiful loaf Lisa bought me at Super H on our last visit together and topped it with mozzarella cheese. Not totally authentic, but it was what we had. And was it ever yummy. I also baked up some of our cookie dough from the weekend so we would have dessert. Tonight it will be chicken pot pie, with chicken mixture leftover from chicken and dumplings last week, topped with a lovely pate brisee from Martha, which will make dinner prep a snap. Thursday is dim sum night, with a ton of dim sum (frozen) that I picked up at Super H on the cheap. Rounding up the week will be pork belly tacos with pork belly found in the freezer (another Super H steal). Saturday is date night and I will tell you about that next week.

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