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More Birthdays Mean More Cake!

Written by Patti on February 3rd, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Since Shane’s cake turned out so well, I thought I would go for it for Kerry and Ryan’s birthday dinner on Friday night. Oh, it was so good!

We kept this a small affair – only five of us. Arancini started the night right. If you have never had these, they are risotto balls stuffed with cheese and fried. Oh my golly. And I won’t lie, I bought these beauties at Trader Joe’s – less cooking for me! Yay!

Trader Joe's - Arancini Bites

They’re bigger in person. Anyhoo, the menu was rack of lamb, pesto mashed potatoes and a veggie medley. That veggie medley also came from Trader Joe’s, but it was not so tasty, so lets not mention it again, shall we?

It was a nice, low-keyed night with great friends, wonderful lamb, luscious wine and scrumptious dessert.

What? Why chopsticks?

Our Ryan is moving to China, so I thought it best that he eat with chopsticks all night. I couldn’t wait to see what he did with the mashed potatoes. Just kidding, we replaced them with utensils after we all got a laugh.

Kerry and Bullett before dinner.

Eric, tending the lamb while listening to the happenings.

And then it was time to sit down to dinner. With this group there is always a ton of giggles and the best fun.

And that lamb – Honey, you did a fabulous job!

Ryan and Kerry

Although I am embarrassed to say there are no photos of dinner. Too busy devouring the food. Oops!

Sweet Kerry and Me.

Ryan and Kerry blow out the candles.

This was the four layer lemon curd cake with 7 minute frosting. Part of the recipe is from “America’s Test Kitchen” – the curd part. I was so worried about messing up the cake that I used a mix, but I made the curd and the frosting from scratch. So that counts, right? Golly it was tasty.

Eric does the honors.

Not as pretty as a cookbook photo, but it was danged yummy!

Ryan looks happy.

Ryan tackles the cake with chopsticks.

While Kerry expressed his joy another way.

Doing the snappy happy chair dance.

And I could tell you how to bake this cake but the blog “Piece of Cake” does it so nicely I am going to route you over to her. It even comes with step by step instructions. And she’s funny, too.

That cake was so wonderful we all had a second piece. All of us. Nom Nom Nom.

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Eddie Ross says:

    I’m sure the cake was wonderful! It looks great!
    Birthday wishes to Kerry and Ryan!
    Happy Thursday!