Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

Meet Miss Patti

A confirmed hospitalityaholic with a penchant for parties. Dinner parties, holiday parties, cocktail parties – I love them all.  Gorgeous and innovative table settings set my heart aflutter and I am insatiably interested in discussing fine wines and delectable food. Etiquette and manners are top priorities, as well.

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  1. Pat Buchanan says:

    The pix was gorgeous and the real thing was something dreams are made of. Can you email me your home address so I can get my thank you note to you.

    Love you and we’ve only met how few times!

    Pat Buchanan

  2. niyaz says:

    Great website dude …

  3. Nadia & Dan says:

    You might want to kill me but all this time, I was checking your postings about “anatomy of a dinner party” without even opening them. I thought that it was some kind of website you just liked. How ignorant of me! Lovely surprise!!! I discover today that it is your blog!
    I love it. I am going to start following it and checking it constantly. I want to learn more about hosting and hospitality!
    Much love to you guys and I am glad to see that you are having tons of fun!

  4. Patti says:

    Oh Nadia!! LOL! I’m so glad you took a second to read! I miss you and Dan and love reading all about your new house and little Buddy! xoxo, Patti

  5. tammie reed says:

    Hey bookie love the site! Pinktastic!

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  7. JanieChance says:

    Love all your tips and tricks…. It’s all so lovely!
    You’re the favorite on my daily blog-roundup!

  8. Patti says:

    Miss Jane – You are the sweetest! xoox, P

  9. Wendy says:

    I saw you on TV just now and boy would I love to be a better hostess. Funny years ago I did a prety good job. Now days I seem to forget what I should do first and get caught without a plan. I loved reading the blog that I read which told what you did the days before the party and the day of the party. I look forward to learning lots more from you.

  10. Patti says:

    Hi Wendy!

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Let me know what you would like to see me write about in particular and I would be happy to write a post on it! xooxxo, P

  11. Jennifer Weatherly says:

    Patti, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the beautiful Three Sisters Vineyards this weekend. Just had to check out your website and can’t wait to hear what you guys finally ‘cook’ up!


  12. Patti says:

    Jennifer, I am thrilled to have you as a reader, but not sure who you met this weekend. I was not at Three Sisters this weekend. Doppleganger, perhaps? P

  13. Jackie Ewing says:

    Hi I couldn’t find an email address to send this to, but I’m an Account Manager from G2, a marketing firm, and we’re putting together a cooking contest called the Aetna Healthy Food Fight, and it’s making its way around the country. It’s coming to Atlanta on October 23-24. I found your blog and it caught my attention. You, or your followers, could get great exposure for recipes and meet celebrity cooks (Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson, Sara Moulton, or Cat Cora). Please go to to check it out. Deadline to sign up for Atlanta is October 6. Good luck if you decide to enter!

  14. Zach says:

    I found your blog while browsing different risotto recipes. I have made it before but I am always looking for new ideas. My question is this. I have a dinner party for 12 set for Saturday. I want to make risotto to go with some braised beef that I am preparing. There will be some light apps and a salad served prior to dinner. How do I entertain my guests during the salad course while working on the risotto, I know I can’t leave it unattended. Maybe the answer is don’t do risotto. What are your thoughts?

  15. Patti says:

    Bren, so true, my dear!! We must make this happen! xoxo, Patti

  16. Teri Morin says:

    Hi Patty

    We would like to send you an invitation to add your travel and cooking experiences to our Travel Social Network

    We saw your post on Ritz Carlton and you can add the post with link back to your site!


  17. Patti says:

    Hi Teri,

    That sounds great! Thanks for the invitation.


  18. UberSpoonyG says:

    Your a classy lady Patty and obviously a true hospitalityaholic with flare.

  19. marcia rosenbaum says:

    My husband and I are hosting a small dinner party for 4 couples at a restaurant to honor one couple on their landmark anniversary. I have had a champagne flute engraved for each person which will be used as his/her place card, but also with the intention of using them for champagne toasts and a memento of the evening. We intend to use other wines at dinner, as well. When do you think would be the appropriate time to pour the champagne for toasting. During appetizers or at dessert? or any other suggestion you might have. I need help from you! thanks, Maria

  20. Patti says:

    Dear Maria,

    First, let me commend you for your thoughtful and creative gift for your guests. They will be tickled with the personalized champagne flutes.

    A toast is appropriate at any time during the meal, but I would suggest right before dessert. This way your guests are no longer hungry and are feeling the happy glow of the evening. You will want to let the restaurant know as well, so they may fill each special glass before the toast. Be sure to inform the wait staff if there is a guest that does not drink alcohol so their glass may be filled with their beverage of choice.

    Thanks so much for asking! And for other questions on etiquette you may have, may I direct you to my etiquette website, Dazzling Manners?

    Warm regards,

  21. Doug says:

    Re: Cooler corn on yr website

    Can be done, but likely shouldn’t

  22. Patti says:


    You are right! I didn’t check my Thanks for commenting.


  23. Judi F. says:

    I’ve been moved for a while. You’re as amazing as ever. Would love to hear from you, and love to see you more!

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