Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

Overheard At Dinner

Hello Darlings!
You know I would never utter an ugly word about my guests, but I think you might enjoy to hear some of the snippets of conversation from the dinner table. And to keep it even more hilarious, I will not disclose what anyone was referring to in these quotes. Enjoy!

“It’s an orchestra of crunch like campfire music with an erudite twist”

“I hate that sushi place. The people there are douchey. It’s Douchey Sushi!”

“Whipped Cream – It’s not just for sex anymore.”

“Bocado is the poor man’s Miller Union.”

“Yeah, I dropped acid at my debutante ball. I was 16.”

“I said, if there’s keys in a bowl, we’re leaving!”

“Don’t act surprised that people are entertained by me”

“I can sing at the table, Patti’s singing at the table”

“If someone patted me on the butt like that, I would go right to sleep”
“She doesn’t when I do it”
“You’re not doing it right”

“We brought you a bottle of good wine…and a bottle of plonk”

“How do you just chat people up. It’s magic, isn’t it?”

“Part of the solution, part of the solution.”

“You should stop freelancing and just get to lancing…”

“I need to get those kids working and off facebook”

“There are 40 gays living in that town. All the good ones left”

“Imagine that. My wife goes out of town and I actually get to talk during dinner”

“I’m using this dessert for the dinner I’m making for this girl tomorrow night”

“When you’re here, you’re family. You know, like the Olive Garden”

“You could always supplement your income by hooking”
“Yes, hooking”

“You are my favorite gay – you’re my gavorite!”

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