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The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Part I

Written by Patti on November 3rd, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

In August, bestie John and I traveled to Amelia Island to celebrate his birthday at The Ritz-Carlton. Today is part one of that story.

Tomorrow, I will regale you with tales from the Chef’s Tasting menu. Oh.My.Goodness y’all. It was amazing.

But for now, whetting your appetites with Part I of our story.

Halcyon Days: a period of peace and happiness; an idyllic time.

Also, the description of time spent at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

First look: The Atlantic Ocean in its splendor as we entered the hotel lobby. With waves stroking the shore like a masseuse soothes aching muscles, all contact with reality slips away.

Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean

View from our room.

We arrived at our guestroom to the sweetest surprise. Take a look.

This is made entirely of chocolate - isn't it beautiful?

Traveling takes its toll on a body. And if you arrived stressed out, you must experience The Spa for unparalleled pampering. Reflecting the essence of the sea in every corner, you might want to surrender yourself, as I did, to the Heaven In A Hammock, created exclusively here at the resort. You relax in a netted hammock, weightless, as all cares are massaged away. All spa guests enjoy the additional privilege of using the spa pool for the entire day, where, just beyond the wall, children are happily playing in the hotel’s oceanside pool. You won’t hear a sound other than the rush of the waterfall flowing into the spa pool’s Jacuzzi and underwater music. John and I lolled away an entire afternoon just lazing by the fabulous pool.

Children get stressed out, too. The Ritz has thought of that, with a comprehensive Ritz Kids program that includes Our Space, a section of the resort just for the younger set. Air hockey tables, Guitar Hero and a luxurious private movie theater, made me just a wee bit jealous. To make sure they are getting plenty of fresh air, the Ritz Kids staff leads daily treasure hunts for shells and shark’s teeth.

Now that we are totally revived, it is time for dinner. We chose Café 4750 for living La Vida Dolce, with its luscious pastas and fresh seafood.  Here is a recap of our oh-so-tasty dinner.

Cocktail Time! Adrienne totally takes care of us.

John and I perused the antipasti bar. Grazing encouraged.

The wood-fired pizzas were so yummy.

Mussels to share

Alongside some terrific carpaccio

Grilled scallops with those fantastic pickled cherry tomatoes.

The ravioli was fab

Next, our entrees (I can’t believe we still had room…)

Linguini with clams for John....


Shrimp Alfredo for me.

Dessert? Did you say dessert? Well, maybe just a tiny taste of gelato. Just a bite.

Vanilla, chocolate, espresso, coconut....

Uh oh..

Grapefruit, peach, pistachio and oh, I can't remember, I am in a food coma....

Next, fall face first into the downy goodness that defines the beds at The Ritz-Carlton. Oh how I love those beds.

Tomorrow – The ultimate in dining, the chef’s table at Salt, the resort’s signature restaurant.

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Patti says:

    Arylynn! It was so good! And I cannot wait for you to see the post about Salt! xooxx, Patti

  2. John says:

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!