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Fun Find Friday – Red Hot Yoga

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

You’ve bought all the candy, you have frosted the cupcakes for the kids’ class parties and whipped up snacks & cocktails for your home Halloween soiree.

The day after Halloween you are eating the leftover candy you bought, pilfering the kids’ loot and nibbling on the uneaten snacks from the party.

Ugh. You are suffering from a serious junk food hangover. Maybe worse, if you indulged in one too many spooky cocktails at the adult party.

What to do? How about a yoga class? A HOT yoga class to detox your entire system. A hot yoga class at Red Hot Yoga on the tony Miami Circle in Buckhead. I started classes there this week after a 4 year absence. Oh, and I won’t lie and tell you it’s easy, but you will sweat (don’t forget your towel and bottled water!) You will feel like you truly accomplished something after class. And it’s owned by the lovely Bethany & Wes, who really know what they are doing and will help you with your poses so you won’t feel totally klutzy. They are kind, caring and patient – hmmm, that seems to be a recurring theme in my life these days!

I knew after all the dining out, dining in, dining with fab chefs and their fab tasting menus, that I had to do something. Plus, I was feeling all achy every morning. Since I write a blog about eating, I couldn’t very well just stop that, either. So I had to find some balance. Yoga is helping me with that. Bethany and I discussed how much better I would feel and look by next year. Heck, I feel better already. I still can’t stand on one foot for a long time, but that will come. Most of the classes I have taken this week have been taught by Gwen, who I think is super swell.

Because they are such nice folks, they are willing to let you attend unlimited classes for a full week for only $25, as an introduction! Such a deal.

If you come to the 9:30 a.m. class, you will see me there. Just don’t expect me to look like this.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, Sweeties. See you at yoga on Monday. Namaste, y’all!

xoxo, Patti

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Halloween Treats from Around The Web

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

If you are like me, you like to peruse the internet for party ideas. I was popping around and found these fun snacks just in time for your weekend Spooktacular! We will be attending the posh Halloween bash at the loft of our friends, Carrie & Steven. The weather should be cool, so my fairly hefty costume should pose no problems.

Need some ideas for your party? Look what I found for you!

Sneak on in with me and lets crash some parties!

Lucid Absinthe – The Sin of All Liquors

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Our friend Esther, from NYC, sent me these recipes – did you know you could bake with absinthe? Me, either! But bake you can! These treats are made with Lucid Absinthe, the first legal and legitimate absinthe sold in the United States in 95 years. This my dearies, is the real deal.

Feeling Wicked? Come join me inside…..

Still Feeling Drinky!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

Halloween is almost here and even more fun than the candy, are the spooktastic drinks you can conjure up. Our old friend Lindsay sent us this from way up in New York City. And in honor of our dear friends Calvin and Steve, who are hosting the hot undead crew of the Vampire Diaries as they film in their downtown loft, I thought this drink was quite appropriate.

Take it away, Lindsay!

This Halloween leave a lasting mark on guests with a chic fang-tastic cocktail! Inspired by the recent vampire craze, renowned New York City Mixologist Jonathan Pogash channels the flavors and trends of the season combining festive ingredients and the alluring flavors of Corzo Tequila to elevate the entertaining experience.

Entice guests with the thrilling flavors in the Corzo Bite, a vampire inspired blood orange cocktail. Highlights include:

· Festive Colorings: Reminiscent of the crimson shades of blood

· “Bloody” Ingredients: A bloody illusion is created with ripe blood oranges and home-made red grenadine

· Bite Garnish: The strawberry syrup garnish on the glass creates and tasty vampire bite effect


1 1/2 parts Corzo Silver Tequila

1/2 parts Campari

1 part fresh blood orange juice

1/4 parts blood (aka home-made grenadine) **

2 parts Jarritos Tamarindo Soda

Process: Build all ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice. Add the “blood” at the end.

Garnish: blood orange wheel and strawberry syrup

** Home-made grenadine: Add equal parts white sugar and POM pomegranate juice together and dissolve sugar over high on stove-top. When dissolved, add several drops of orange flower water, simmer on low heat for 10 mins., chill, and serve.

** If blood oranges are not available, use a slice of regular orange that is soaking in “blood” as a garnish.

Corzo Tequila’s unique double aging, triple distillation process creates an unparalleled taste and smoothness in this cocktail.

Thanks, Lindsay!

Tomorrow we will be mixing up some trouble with absinthe (just for you, Chioke!), so stay tuned.

xoxo, Patti

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Last Minute Easy & Cheap Costumes

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Halloween is upon us. Have your purchased the candy, eaten it all and then replaced it? I need to replace all the Tootsie Rolls I gobbled up. (sorry kids…)

Anyhoo, we are off to a party on Saturday night and will post more on our costumes as the time draws nigh. Over at Better Homes and Gardens, they are dispensing fab advice on easy last minute costumes. Let me know your ideas!

7 Last-Minute Costumes

Fast and fabulous costume ideas that you can pull together in no time

By Kristin Finello

Just got word of an impromptu Halloween bash and need a costume for tonight? No problem. Here are seven fast and fabulous ideas that you can pull together in no time. The best part: You probably already own most of the items you’ll need.

Miss America

1. The Ultimate Tourist

Don’t be surprised if people ask, “You’re not from around here, are you?” Men and women can both pull off the look of the stereotypical tourist. Just dress badly, hang a few cameras around your neck for good luck, and wander around looking confused.

What You Probably Already Have: Knee-length shorts, a shirt (logo T-shirts with the name of a city or tourist attraction, or loud tropical-inspired shirts are best), a baseball cap or straw hat, knee socks, sneakers, and sunglasses. Wear your camera around your neck and carry a large shoulder bag or backpack.

What You Might Need to Get: A fanny pack to strap around your waist, and assorted maps and guidebooks to hold or carry in your bag or backpack.

2. Miss America

Not only is this a great shortcut costume, but when else would you ever wear that old bridesmaid or prom dress again? Now’s your chance to whip it out and strut your stuff. Be sure to tell everyone that you hope for world peace. Bonus points if you actually have a talent for the talent competition.

What You Probably Already Have: An old formal dress from a prom, wedding, or other affair, and high-heeled shoes.

What You Might Need to Get: A glittery tiara (you can pick one up at a party store or accessory shop) and a pageant sash. Make your own sash by cutting fabric into a long strip and writing Miss America on it in glitter. Pick up an inexpensive fresh or fake bouquet to carry.

3. The Crocodile Hunter

Want to get back to nature? Go as the fearless Crocodile Hunter — sans the mud and life-and-death situations. You probably won’t encounter much wildlife in the urban or suburban jungle, but you just never know!

What You Probably Already Have: Khaki shorts and a khaki short-sleeved button-down shirt capture the look. Pull on a pair of brown socks and ankle boots.

What You Might Need to Get: Pick up some gauze and use it to bandage your hand where a croc just “bit” you. Also, drape a plastic snake or three around your neck, or carry a stuffed crocodile.

4. A Got Milk? Ad

Here’s the ultimate in easy costumes. Dress however you want, but make yourself into an instant pop culture icon by painting on the telltale milk mustache. Make a “Got Milk?” sign out of poster board and hang it around your neck.

What You Probably Already Have: Clothes — you can wear any outfit you’d like.

What You Might Need to Get: White face paint to draw a milk mustache above your top lip, and poster board and yarn for your sign.

5. Aerobics Instructor
Get in touch with your athletic side by dressing as an aerobics instructor. Bonus: Burning a few extra calories as you show off your moves will help make up for all the Halloween candy you’re going to eat!

What You Probably Already Have: Sneakers, athletic socks, sweatpants or leggings, a T-shirt and/or a sports bra.

What You Might Need to Get: A sweatband or bandanna for around your forehead, and a blow-up or plastic set of dumbbells. Scout out a curly wig and you can go as fitness guru Richard Simmons (be sure to substitute striped nylon shorts and a sleeveless shirt for the outfit above).

6. Celebrity and Paparazzi

Here’s a great last-minute idea for two or more people: One of you dresses like the celebrity of your choice, all ready for the red carpet. And the others follow the celebrity around, snapping photos and yelling “Over here!” and “Look to the right!”

What You Probably Already Have: An old evening gown, high heels, and jewelry for the celeb (or a tuxedo or suit and shades if the celebrity is a man). For the paparazzi: Black pants, black shirts, and sneakers for chasing camera-shy stars.

What You Might Need to Get: Up the celeb’s glamour quotient by finding a fake fur coat or wrap at a thrift store or costume shop. If the photographers don’t want to use real cameras, they can buy prop cameras to shoot with.

7. Chef or Butcher

Celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Rocco DiSpirito are hot right now, and you can get in on the trend this Halloween. Don’t worry if your culinary skills aren’t up to snuff — looking the part is all that matters!

What You Probably Already Have: Mimic a chef’s or butcher’s white uniform by wearing a white shirt or jacket, white pants, and a white apron. If you’re going as a chef, grab a dishtowel or two from your kitchen and tuck them into the waistband of your apron.

What You Might Need to Get: No butcher’s outfit is complete without a smear of fake blood across the apron. Also, pick up a large plastic knife, some plastic meat (from a kids’ kitchen set), and a paper hat. Chefs can buy a traditional chef’s hat at a costume or party store.

There you go! I love the “Got Milk” idea. You could pair it with your favorite celebrity outfit and double your fun.

xoxo, Patti

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Fun Find Friday – Richard Tomas Photography

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This morning I was going to talk about quick and easy Halloween costumes, but I have got to share these shots taken of me last night by my friend and out-of-this-world photographer, Richard Tomas.

See the magic inside!

It’s Almost Halloween – Cocktail Time!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Our friend Lindsay, from Midori, sent me this spooktacular recipe for a fun cocktail that not only tastes terrific, but is perfect for your gatherings on October 31st.

Come on inside for happy hour with me!

Lets Make Some Fun With Pretzel Crisps!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Pretzel Crisps. What? What exactly is a Pretzel Crisp? I had a chance to find out when the nice folks from Snack Factory sent three bags full to my door. Now, Snack Factory is the swell company that brought you Bagel Chips – remember those? The OMG, let-me-eat-the-whole-bag folks? Believe me when I tell you that Pretzel Crisps are even better. At our house they have been replacing potato chips as a crunchy side to sandwiches and late night munch attacks.

But, how could I use them for a party? Really, Patti? There a zillion ways to use these multi-flavored yummies. This past Sunday I served them as a pre-dinner nibble with the cream cheese/fig dip Wesley had made for the party that week. You know how chips always break? Not my new buddies the Pretzel Crisps. No siree, they held up. So why not top them with any ingredient you would normally top a bruschetta with? They would be divine topped with my favorite dilled chicken salad. You could use them in place of blini and slather them with sour cream and caviar.

And check out all the flavors! Eric and I tried the Plain, Sesame and Everything Crisps. I loved the Everything Crisps best (so did Curtis and Eric). But I checked the website and they have a Buffalo Wing flavor!! Isn’t that crazy? I love it. Get ready for some football y’all!

Original - Super Yummy

Sesame - Ultra Yummy

Garlic Parmesan - Over The Top Yummy

So go on out and grab a bag and try them. Let me know how you would top ’em. I am dying to hear your ideas!

xoxo, Patti

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Aqua Vino

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Don’t you just love wine? Me, too! I was so excited when my good pals Doug and Sharon Paul from Three Sisters Vineyards asked me if I would like to represent them at the city’s premiere wine event held at The Georgia Aquarium. If you read the blog with any regularity, you know I am a BIG fan of their wines and jumped at the opportunity to pour for them.

All dressed up in my favorite sweater dress (it is autumn, after all….) and cute brown slingback pumps, off I went to participate in this fab evening. I met with Doug and Sharon earlier in the week to make sure I knew all the particulars about the winery. I even memorized the wines used to blend their Fat Boy White and Fat Boy Red. Corkscrew in hand I was ready to meet a bundle of new friends!

But first, one of my favorites – Mr. John Walker, king of special events at the aquarium. I rung him up right before the throng arrived and we had a chance to quickly catch up.

There's always time for a hug with John.

You have got to meet my neighbors! Come on in.

We Have A Winner!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

We have a winner of the Bookswim Giveaway – it’s Quinn!!

Quinn, please send your email address to me at  and I will forward your info to Bookswim. Look for their email and you are on your way to enjoying three full months of fabulous books!

The rest of you sit tight – more giveaways to come! And some fun photos from Aqua Vino last week.

xoxo, Patti