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Fondue ‘Do

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Thanks for letting me play hooky yesterday. Today I am rewarding you with party pics, tips and recipes!

Lets Party!

Aqua Vino

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Don’t you just love wine? Me, too! I was so excited when my good pals Doug and Sharon Paul from Three Sisters Vineyards asked me if I would like to represent them at the city’s premiere wine event held at The Georgia Aquarium. If you read the blog with any regularity, you know I am a BIG fan of their wines and jumped at the opportunity to pour for them.

All dressed up in my favorite sweater dress (it is autumn, after all….) and cute brown slingback pumps, off I went to participate in this fab evening. I met with Doug and Sharon earlier in the week to make sure I knew all the particulars about the winery. I even memorized the wines used to blend their Fat Boy White and Fat Boy Red. Corkscrew in hand I was ready to meet a bundle of new friends!

But first, one of my favorites – Mr. John Walker, king of special events at the aquarium. I rung him up right before the throng arrived and we had a chance to quickly catch up.

There's always time for a hug with John.

You have got to meet my neighbors! Come on in.

The Great Popeyes & Wine Pairing Experiment

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Our Tasting Crew

Our Tasting Crew

When Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine and Murphy-Goode Winery’s winner of “A Very Goode Job”, tells you he is organizing a wine and fast food pairing, people listen. They may giggle at the thought, but they listen all the same.

If you have ever met Hardy you would know that the party is wherever he is. He is the party. His bubbly optimism gets everybody fired up, me included. So I was all for having friends come by for some Popeyes Fried Chicken and wine.

Eric called in our order (two orders of the Tailgater, which meant 48 pieces of chicken). When he arrived to pick up the food, he was told by the manager that ours was the third big call-in order of the night – what’s going on? Eric told him of the wine pairings going on all over the country – the folks at Popeyes had no idea, but they were tickled by the thought. And the business.

More Food Than I Thought We Could Consume. I Was Wrong.

More Food Than I Thought We Could Consume. I Was Wrong.

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