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Media Blitz!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This has been quite the week. Starting with a fab dinner with Mr. Kerry Howard on Sunday night, followed by rising at 4 a.m. the next morning to appear on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, the podcast that afternoon and finishing up with speaking at the Crave event on Tuesday. It has been a true whirlwind!

I am just now getting some rest, but wanted to share all the fun with you.

Monday morning found our group (the ever-adorable Laura Scholz of Scholz Communication – our camp counselor for these two days and her gorgeous assistant, Brittany, the amazingly glamorous Meridith Ford Goldman, Former Atlanta Journal-Constitution dining critic and food writer and now editorial director of the Atlanta-based marketing and public relations firm, The Reynolds Group, and my sweet friend Christy Annis, CEO of Peas for Prosperity), bleary eyed and in need of coffee at 4:45 a.m. at the CBS studios to talk about “When Life Hands You Lemons, Start A Lemonade Stand” with Tracye Hutchins. We were met by Amanda Harley, segment producer, who made us all feel very at home. And we gabbed. There’s a lot of hanging around when you appear on tv.

Christy, Brittany and I wait for Laura and Meridith

More Media Fun Inside

I’m On Television, Y’all!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

A week or so ago, I received an email from friend Laura Scholz of Scholz Communications, with the news that Fox News Channel was looking for people who had been laid off but were making the best of it. I am the poster child for FunEmployment! So after exchanging emails with Elizabeth Prann of Fox News, a time and date was set for she and her camera man to come by for an interview.

Um, I’ve never been on tv before. What to do? Why, call up my sweetie Eddie Ross and ask for pointers, of course! Eddie had just enough words of wisdom to get me through the willies. Pile on the make up, be yourself. Can anyone really be themselves with a camera in their face? I could certainly try.

The big day came and I whipped up some blueberry cobbler for our guests first thing in the morning. Elizabeth and camera man Tom were right on time.

The Charming Elizabeth Prann and Me

Was There A Close Up? Come On In To See