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A Mediterranean Repast With Dave & Sue

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

I live in the greatest neighborhood in the world. Our neighbors are all close friends and the parties are almost continuous. Especially when the weather turns nice and we are all roused from our hibernation of the winter.

This past week was a divine dinner held at the home of our friends Dave and Sue.  Dave, a pastry chef, and his charming wife Sue had conjured up the perfect warm weather meal, a deconstructed salade nicoise. This was the ideal foil for the sweltering late spring we have been experiencing.

I had visited their home before, but never in the daylight. I was thrilled to stroll through the backyard garden with a pre-dinner cocktail.

A Lush City Escape

Come On In And Cool Off

Gaga For Lady GaGa

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


Good Afternoon, Darlings!

I know a concert is not a dinner party, but it felt just like a party so I thought I would tell you about it.

Eric and I started with dinner at Figo – the lasagne for him and the penne with bolognese for me. And darn if Eric doesn’t have the talent for ordering the best thing on the table. His dish was awesome – mine was very good, but his was astounding. Love Figo – dinner for two, $21.00. Gotta love it.

We knew when we left Figo we were dealing with a flat tire, but pumped it full of Fix-A-Flat and headed to The Fox.

Oh we had fun!  Before the concert started they played all of Michael Jackson’s hits and everyone sang along. So that was about 5000 folks just having a little MJ sing fest before the real party started.

She came out around 9:30pm and didn’t stop until 11:30pm. It was crazy. It was insane. I think I might have had a mini heart attack or that could have just been the bass. Not sure. LOL.

I am still reeling from all the fun, so I will leave you with this clip from the close of the show. Enjoy!

Bad Romance From Lady GaGa\’s Atlanta Concert 12/28/09

xoxo, Patti