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An Antico Feast

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

I am blessed with ridiculously good fortune. Or maybe it’s because of my pollyanna attitude that I see my life through rose colored glasses. Either way. Amazing experiences happen to me a lot.

One of those times happened last week in an invitation from Miss Tinsley to attend a Tinsley Tasting at Antico Pizza.

But this was not a pizza dinner. Oh no. So much more.

What happened that afternoon at Antico?

A Slice of Napoli

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I love Italy. Eric and I honeymooned there so it holds a special kind of magic in my heart.

The city we did not visit on our 10 day post-wedding trip was Naples. The city of pizza. And boy, do I love pizza. I consider it to be a food group.

And then, the heavens opened up and so did Antico Pizza, here in Atlanta. At 1093 Hemphill Avenue to be precise. Oh what a wonderful day for me.

Eric and I braved the GA/GA Tech game traffic to eat there yesterday. It was so worth it. Everyone else was so busy tailgating that we got a parking space up front and walked right in. Isn’t that swell? The aroma wafting from the kitchen was surreal. I couldn’t wait to eat.

The first sight you see is tray after tray of empty cannoli shells and trays of sfogliatelle, a super flaky pastry filled with a lemony, ricotta-custardy filling. We ordered one of each, but were told we could pick them up at the end of the meal, so the cannoli could be freshly filled before eating. How divine. Soggy cannoli does not make me happy. Crispy, creamy, fresh filled cannoli does.

Cannoli Shell Waiting to Be Filled

Cannoli Shell Waiting to Be Filled

Sfogliatelle So Good It Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Sfogliatelle So Good It Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

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