Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte-Day 2.5

Written by Patti on April 26th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

We are all cleaned up from the Cocoa Lab and ready for Afternoon Tea.

What could be better than chocolate? More chocolate!! And tiny tea sandwiches made with luxury ingredients like lobster, salmon and tarragon chicken salad?

Courtney, our server, took terrific care of us and let us sample as many teas, coffee and hot chocolate (with homemade marshmallows!), as our hearts desired.

Sweet Courtney

Just love this china pattern!

Overhead view of those gorgeous sandwiches.

Perfect hot chocolate, with perfect homemade marshmallows.

A dazzling array of treats, just for us!

I could have lounged about here all day, nibbling yummy treats and having a lovely conversation with my darling husband. But alack and alas! I have a spa appointment at 3:30 that I must not be late for.

Such a hard life, I lead.

At the spa I was met by Anne, the spa concierge, who looks just like a Disney Princess! I was asked to pick a stone that had a word printed on it that would reflect what I hoped to achieve during my treatment. I chose “bliss” – because, who doesn’t want more bliss in their lives?

Miss Anne and the magical stones.

Dearest, the spa’s valet, and who is aptly named, showed me to my locker, where I was asked to don a nice big roomy robe and slippers for my treatment. I was then introduced to Jodi, my massage therapist, who would take me to bliss world during my 110 minute treatment. My treatment today was the decadent Honey Detox and Truffle signature treatment. It begins with a light skin brushing, preparing it for a natural exfoliation and detox using our rooftop-grown natural honey, followed by a chocolate truffle wrap that will help rehydrate and refine the skin – pure bliss! After a warm shower, returning to the table for a Swedish massage to seal in both relaxation and moisture.

Holy moly – was this relaxing. And this spa? Like a beautiful warm cocoon. Decorated in warm brown wood, every corner of the spa is designed to pamper you. And me. Especially me.

Darling Dearest.

All relaxed? Good. Tomorrow we talk about tapas and dinner. You don’t want to miss this!

xoxo, Patti

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