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The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte-Day 2

Written by Patti on April 25th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

Rise and shine. We have a whole day of fun planned at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte.

First stop, Bar Cocoa for a fresh baked croissant and a visit with lovely Sade Ann. Trust me, after a night of Howling at the Moon with bestie Beth, this is requisite.

This is also where we are meeting our fellow chocoholics for the Cocoa Lab, to learn about all things chocolate. Chef Jeannette comes out to collect the 8 of us, and to guide us back to the kitchen. I just love being in the back of house – all those dishes, ovens and food. It’s almost too much for me.

Chef Jeannette, telling us about Madame Chocolate. Remember her from yesterday?

The Cocoa Lab is like Willie Wonka for adults. Without anyone turning into a giant blueberry. That I know of. Be sweet!

Chef toques, cookbooks and our own little stations were all set up when we arrived. We even got our own aprons to take home!

A warm welcome, indeed.

The 8 of us spent 3 hours in cocoa bliss. Our creations included chocolate truffles, chocolate lava cake, and chocolate creme brulee. It was heaven. Messy heaven, but who says heaven can’t be messy?

How would you like to see this in your Easter basket? No, we didn't make this.

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

While I was grating the orange peel for truffles, I dropped the entire orange into the tempered chocolate. Uh oh. But no one was upset (how can you be upset when you are surrounded by chocolate?) and we just carried merrily on.

Inserting mounds of ganache inside the chocolate lava cake.

Lava cake, hot from the oven. Doesn't this look divine?

Next, we lined up in an assembly line to put together the truffles. Team work!

Working together to create yummy treats.

Go ahead, try one!

Classmate Toby, having fun, getting messy.

Torching the creme brulees. So delicious!

Whew, that was a full morning, huh? Join me tomorrow for afternoon tea and a trip to the spa!

xoxo, Patti

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