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The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte-Day 1

Written by Patti on April 24th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

I am so excited to share my experience at The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte with you. Charlotte has never really been on my radar, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I knew it was a financial hub, but I was wildly delighted to discover this gem of the south.

Upon arrival (it only took us 3.5 hours to drive from Atlanta), we were greeted with champagne at the front desk and shown to our room. The room truly had all the amenities. Did you forget your charger? They have you covered. I don’t know how, but their charger station fits everything. So cool. There was also a Bose stereo for the crispest sound ever.

You need a charger? The Ritz has you covered.

And, as always, the beauty is in the details. Our room key reflected the art on our floor. How chic is that? I love this idea.

The prettiest room key on earth.

Our room had a great view of the Time Warner Arena and the downtown area. Although I think they call it uptown in Charlotte.

There are no comfier beds than those at The Ritz. Like sleeping on a cloud.

Eric and I unpacked and when we got downstairs, we were greeted with the ice cream station. All freshly made ice creams and tiny waffle cones. The flavors offered this Friday were Strawberry, Coffee and Honey Pecan, made with the hotel’s own bees. This was my choice and I was not disappointed. Delicious.

Ice Cream Bar in the Lobby.

Funny, for a sophisticated hotel in the nation’s financial district, they sure do cater to childhood fantasies. The Ice Cream Bar, and Bar Cocoa, which is a sweet tooth dream, to the Cocoa Lab, they have thought of everything. Even the mannequin in the lobby is dressed all in chocolate. But you wouldn’t know that unless you were in the know. Which you now are!

This gorgeous sculpture - entirely made of chocolate. No touching....

Madame Chocolate. Nice to meet you! Dressed in chocolate from head to toe.

We enjoyed discovering all the fun the hotel had to offer. Including the pool and hot tub on the 17th floor. Just lounge about and order drinks and nibbles. Everything is designed to indulge you.

You could spend all day here, just bobbing about!

You could leave the pool long enough to enjoy the hot tub.

Our first night we decided to leave the property and meet my high school friend Beth and her husband Mike out for some fun. Since we were staying at such a luxurious resort, I chose a decidedly low brow establishment for some contrast. The Thirsty Beaver was our destination, and without batting a well groomed eyebrow at us, our charming bellman, Michael, suggested that the house car deliver us there. The house car, a 750 Active Hybrid BMW, met us at the front door and Sarah, our driver, dropped us off in luxury. Inside The Thirsty Beaver they specialize in cheap drinks, free jukebox and Hee Haw on the television. It was a hoot. Later that night we ended up at Howl At The Moon, a fun sing along bar right across from the hotel at the Epicentre, Charlotte’s dining, shopping and nightclub hub.

Time for bed! We have a big day tomorrow. Isn’t this fabulous?

xoxo, Patti

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