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Birthday, Belated, Belicious

Written by Patti on November 10th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings! Okay, so belicious isn’t a word, but I liked how it sounded with the other words. Sunday night our besties John and Danny whipped up the most fabulous meal for a belated celebration for my sweetheart, Eric. You know we never need a reason to party.  What’s that you say? It’s Tuesday? Pop open the bubbly!

Poor Eric has been on crutches this past week due to a bad ankle, so he gave Danny a lesson on balancing on crutches when we arrived. Hilarity ensues.

Danny had never used crutches before. It's kind of a balancing act.

Our John is a seriously amazing cook. He goes to such lengths to make sure everything is perfect. Me, I put a drink in everyone’s hand and hope they don’t notice the dust bunnies under the kitchen table. I mean, really, why would I sweep the floors?

Anyhoo. On this crazy cold night we were treated to a warm-your-tummy-and-soul meal. We started with some gorgeous brie and crackers, and a gorgeous glass of red. Danny had built a huge, crackling fire in the fireplace (our fireplace only burns candles…), so this was a gigantic delight.

I think I surprised John here, cooking away.

Dinner started with a delectable butternut squash soup. Just perfect for the season. So yummy.

Butternut Squash Soup. The perfect autumnal dish.

The soup was accompanied by really tasty, crusty bread. Just the thing for scooping up the last of the soup.

Our salad course was a chopped veggie salad that included cucumbers, tomatoes, mushroom and topped with fresh feta cheese. So good.

Our sweet Danny.

Nom nom nom...chopped salad!

After the salad plates were cleared, we took a break. It’s always good to get up and move around during a multi-course meal. John and I took to the kitchen while Danny & Eric talked video games.

John and me, cooking up some fun together.

It is always fun to be in someone else’s kitchen as the helper. I cut up the rosemary polenta(!!), while John fried it to get that crispy exterior. Short ribs were already out of the oven and the spinach and gruyere stuffed vidalia onions were waiting to be plated. This was some serious comfort food, my darlings.

Happy campers.

Even happier when we got to dig in.

Ohhhh, I can’t eat one more bite… we watched the Halloween episode of Family Guy. Hilarious. And we digested. Because there was more to come.

How beautiful is this pound cake with berries and fresh whipped cream?

Once again, John outdid himself. We were simply wowed. And on top of it all, he sent us home with leftovers. Which we devoured last night. And it was almost as good as being there with John and Danny.

You all are the pinnacle of greatness. We love you both!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Holly says:

    Wow – that John can cook! And I like his napkins that show up in that picture of him! 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    Holly, bwahahahaha….omg. I had to look three times before I knew what you meant. Oh, that is good. It’s my new toy.