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Slainte With Chef Matt

Written by Patti on September 21st, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Last night, Eric and I had the most fun with our friend, Chef Matt Murphy of The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. Chef was in town on business and arrived a bit early so he could spend some time with us.

We wanted to make sure he had the best time, so I came up with this itinerary (you know how I love a list).

7:30 Meet at Rathbun’s for drinks and apps

8:45 Dinner at Iberian Pig

After dinner – drinks at Mac Magee’s Irish pub

How was it, you ask? Oh, we had a mighty fine time.

Chef Matt and me at Rathbun's

At Rathbun’s, Matt met Chef Kirk,  with whom he will be working on Wednesday night for Restaurant Week. So, if you want to meet him, you might want to saunter on over there, when he will be in the kitchen. We met at the bar, had a drink and then some starters. We tried the pork belly tacos (yummy), pork rind funnel cake (you have got to try this!), edamame pot stickers (fabulous) and the lamb medallions (delicious). Although Chef Kevin was surrounded by admirers and we didn’t get a chance to say hi, he was definitely in the house.

Now, off to The Iberian Pig. I thought doing tapas might be the most fun way to try everything. And it was. For some reason I can’t remember quite what this first dish was, but I think it might have been a pork pate on toast. Anyhoo, it was crazy tasty!

Porky Special

Next, we had the Tocino con Manzana. And I could tell you what’s in all of this, but you would have so much more fun if you visited yourself. But, it starts with pork belly.

Ok, pork belly and apple sticks.

There were Croquetas de Queso, which you can guess as cheese, but what kind of cheese?

Croquetas de Queso

Oh, I’ll spill it – it’s goat cheese. Fried. What’s not to like?

And my favorite of the night, the Octopus Ceviche….mmmmmm….octopus!

Oh yeah, time for some octopus and chips!

We sampled the Braised Veal Shank Ravioli.

Braised Veal Shank Ravioli - Yum!

And we all loved the charcuterie platters. Unbelievable jamon. Seriously.

Ham, cheeses and a fabulous espresso aioli

The Jamon Iberico transported us all the way to Spain.

Surprised we didn't fight over the last bite. It was that good.

Chef Chad came by the table to say hello and ask about the meal. Do you know he has never been to New Orleans? So, Chef Matt invited him. I would love to see what they could cook up together.

Me, I was just happy.

The three of us at dinner...happy and full.

I thought a fun way to wrap up the evening would be by taking Matt to Mac Magee, where he could visit with some of his fellow Irishmen. And he did. And it was a good thing. They even had the Saints game on.  Everything to make an Irish chef living in New Orleans feel at home. And beer. And whiskey. Even some nice wine for me.

We have reached our destination. Right next door to The Iberian Pig.

We let Chef Matt turn the camera on us. Apparently, this was very funny to Eric and me.

We met some new friends at Mac Magee!

Matt and me, with our new friend, Marina.

Our new friend, and bartender, Conan. Yes, seriously. Conan. From Ireland.

Jeff Selig, the chef of Mac Magee, was kind enough to come out and visit, along with Ryan, who loves the pub so much he got a job there.

Eric and I loved it, too. With just a short Marta ride from our house, we could be there in no time, with no driving worries. We’ll be back.

Thanks, Chef Matt, for letting us show you our town. We had a total blast!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Christy says:

    Sounds like another amazing evening! You are truly blessed.

  2. Patti says:

    Hi Christy! Life is indeed good. xoxo, Patti