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Fun Find Friday – Book Swim

Written by Patti on September 3rd, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Remember on Wednesday, when I nabbed that cozy chair at Victor’s house and said it would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book? I found the book.

Actually, I found a boodle of them at Book Swim, a new service that’s like Netflix, but instead of movies, you receive books. Isn’t that cool? Here’s the press release from lovely Marita Burke:

The happiest time of the year is also the busiest and most expensive time of the year! Make your holiday hosting plans a little easier (and affordable!) this year with the help from BookSwim. Rent books to teach you everything from how to create spectacular decorations to making the best Eggnog. It’s the perfect way to come up ideas for those picky in-laws. Plus, when the holidays are through, you can send each book back, cutting down on clutter (a New Year’s resolution?) and allowing you, also, to rent all new and updated books the following year!
You and your guests can even gather on the couch and enjoy a Christmas classic like The Night Before Christmas!

Here are the pricing tiers:

Unlimited Plans
3 books at-a-time: $23.95/month
5 books at-a-time: $29.95/month
7 books at-a-time: $35.95/month
11 books at-a-time: $59.95/month

Limited Plans
1 book per month: $9.95/month, $3.99 outgoing shipping

I love the unlimited plan. This way I can read three cookbooks at one time and enjoy them at my leisure. They go back in a pre-paid envelope when I am finished.

Loving all the holiday titles right now. I can’t help myself! And lookie, here’s a book from Ree, The Pioneer Woman – one of the web’s first food bloggers.

One of our own!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. tami says:

    Thats a cool idea and I love to read!