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The 3 Cs – Clint, Carrie and Castleberry

Written by Patti on May 25th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Last week we received an invitation to join the cool folks in Castleberry for tapas and paella.  I love all the people in Castleberry and their fabulous loft culture – so urbane!  My bestie Clint is part of the clique, so we were thrilled to have snagged an invite for Tapas & Sangria at Clint’s and then to Carrie & Steven’s for paella (just a short stroll across the street!)

Joining us were Steve & Calvin (another C!), Tracy and Stephanie.  The nine of us had a grand time. Starting at Clint’s with both red & white sangria and a number of tapas. Ranging from tiny bites (olives and almonds), to more substantive fare (cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped dates & taquitos) it was hard not to get filled up on all the yummy tidbits.

Clint’s loft has just been repainted the most gorgeous combination of pale green and grey, making it even more chic than before.  More colorful than the paint? Clint and his neighbors.

Ice Cold Sangria Ready to Pour!

Clint’s loft was filled with laughter as we nibbled our way through the tasty tapas and the icy sangria.

Carrie Enjoys A Sangria

Steve Cracks Us All Up

Then it was time to head across the street to Carrie and Steven’s loft for the paella! Yum!  To-go cups, everyone!

Steven In His Swanky Loft

Carrie and Steven have the most amazing loft, filled with the most interesting things. You are greeted by a statue of the buddha as you enter, and honestly, I felt so peaceful in their space. Lots of candlelight, lots of fun surprises.

I Just Love How Steve & Carrie Have Decorated Their Loft

The Wildly Eclectic Dining Room - Check Out The Lamp

Calvin Is A Very Famous Photographer - So No Pictures!

Actually, Calvin was my very charming dining companion for the evening. Loved getting to know him so much better!

Sweet Carrie Puts The Finishing Touches on the Paella

While I Gawked At Her Impressive Pez Collection

Steven and Clint Pre-Dinner

Eric and I experienced some serious loft envy when we saw…

The Screening Room! Could You Just Die?

No time for movies, though, it was paella time. Everyone grab a seat!

Just One of TWO Pans of Paella Carrie Made For Us

One pan had mussels, the other did not. Midway through dinner, we switched pans so everyone could try both types. Super yummy! There was chicken, artichoke hearts, shrimp – all kinds of tasty treats. And for dessert, I contributed a cake I had picked up at the Blogger’s Bake Sale and had frozen. The cake was made by The Cake Hag (What kind of name is that? Because there was nothing about this cake that would indicate it was baked by a hag – it was incredible!) This lemoncello delight was gobbled up by us all.  I will be going to Miss C.H. for all my baked goods from now on. Nom, Nom, Nom.

Thanks Carrie, Clint and Steven for the most lovely evening. It was great being one of the cool kids for the night.

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Patti says:

    Ohhh, that sounds super fun! Let me check with Mr. Eric. Thanks again for the greatest time! xoxo, P

  2. Steve says:

    You are ALWAYS one of the cool kids Patti and that cake was fantastic! What fun! We’re grilling Friday night on the roof if you and Eric are around ;).

  3. Patti says:

    Aww, thanks, Steve! We had the greatest time with y’all. Sorry we missed Friday night, but it was storming like crazy here! Soon?