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A Little Blog Mash-Up & Some Ceviche For You

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tonight will find Eric and me at the Black Tie BBQ Secret Supper – more photos and details on that tomorrow. But for today, I would love to do a little cross promotion. It would do my heart good to see you following me over at Design Is Magazine, since that will be my “official” gig from now on.  Let me know what you think and what you would like to see me write about. And be honest. Brutally honest. I can take it. But don’t think I will be leaving here – this is my home and I would never abandon my darlings.

Ok, enough of that.   How about a recipe for your Cinco de Mayo table tonight?  Don’t feel like cooking?  Is it getting oppresively hot where you are already (like here in Georgia?)  You need ceviche!  No cooking required.  You just throw it all together, chill it and gobble it down with tortilla chips. And look at this cool site that features nothing but ceviche recipes, even vegetarian! Ole’!

Glamorous Ceviche

Here’s my go-to recipe (borrowed from the nice folks at Ceviche Recipe). And if you have never tried octopus, here’s your opportunity. Trust me, it is so yummy when it is prepared correctly. And this is the correct way!

Go on, make it – don’t be scared. It’s super easy. Pinky swear.

xoxo, Patti

Serves 4


7 ounces octopus, cooked
shrimp, tails blanched
7 ounces scallops, cooked
1 red onion, sliced very fine
1/2 red aji limo chile, minced
1/2 yellow aji limo chile, minced
16 key limes, juiced
2 sweet potatoes, boiled (of the camote variety, if you can find them)
1 large fresh ear corn on the cob, cooked and cut into rounds (choclo variety, if you can find them)


Cut the octopus into bite-size pieces. Leave whole if using baby octopus.

Cut scallops into small pieces.

Mix seafood with onion in large bowl. Wash and drain thoroughly.

Season mixture with salt and aji limo chiles.

Toss preparation quickly in lime juice. Refresh with ice cubes, mixing well. Remove ice immediately before it has a chance to melt.

Serve on bed of lettuce with sweet potato (camote, if you can find it) and boiled corn rounds (choclo, if available).