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Oooooooh, Chef Liu!

Written by Patti on March 17th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

For our anniversary in early March, Eric and I elected to celebrate at Chef Liu’s – the same place we stopped before we sang karaoke for my birthday. For some reason that night, I didn’t snap any photos. But I remembered this time.

Chef Liu’s is on Buford Highway and oh so yummy. The space is pretty, but sparse, there is no alcohol, but I promise, you barely miss it. The food is that good.

Come on in to Chef Liu!

The best dishes are pork heavy (but by golly, isn’t just about everything?). No apologies here, just luscious porky goodness.

Chef Liu's Pretty Famous Leek Pie

That leek pie is miraculous, it is that good. Filled with veggies and pork, it is just bursting with fresh flavor.

And then we thought we would have a noodle dish. Mind you, as we are ordering, our server is saying, “too much food” to us. Did we listen? Nah! But our server also saw our camera and wanted to chat us up about the food. These noodles are handmade everyday. Next time I’ll ask if I can take photos of them being made.

Mmmm, Noodly!

Oh, and the noodles came with a pork sticky sauce, lest you thought we had veered off course here. No, not us! Bring on the pork!

Delightful Sausage Pie!

When you ask the servers at Chef Liu about the sausage pie, they will all tell you it’s like a pizza. Hmmm, not like any pizza I have seen, but I don’t want to say anything. After all, they are controlling the pork ride here and we are just passengers.

Ok, we did try one thing without pork. The sour veggie dumplings. I think I ate one. Maybe.

Hey! Make Room For Pork!

And for “dessert” we ordered Chef Liu’s signature dish. The soup dumplings. I am not kidding, these delectable morsels will make a piggie out of anyone. Or maybe it was just that we had eaten so much pork already that we were sprouting tails and long, silky ears. But I digress. These dumplings have a special way to be eaten, as shown to us by our waitress the first time we visited. Pick them up by the tip, place them on your spoon, bite a tiny hole, slurp out the soup, eat the dumpling. Repeat. Over and over until you resemble Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Pay your insanely cheap tab and get outta there!

Truly Famous Soup Dumplings

Why not go to one our chic restaurants in town to celebrate our anniversary? Well, you have seen how we’ve been celebrating this past month and we were looking for something much more low key, where we could actually hear each other. And have incredible food.

Chef Liu fit the bill.

xoxo, Patti

Chef Liu
5221 Buford Highway Northwest
Doraville, GA 30340-1106
(770) 936-0532

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