Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic


Written by Patti on March 16th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Miss Diane’s beau is a camera man for CNN. And to our surprise and delight, after he returned from covering the Haitian earthquake, he brought us some French MREs (Meals Ready To Eat). How he held on to those while traversing that tragedy is a mystery to me, but I am tickled that he did.

Last night Eric and I decided to break them out and give you all a report.

Here’s what our care package looked like when we received it from Jonathan:

Looks Like We Got the Kosher Meal. Sweet!

Check out all the cool little tins and treats that came in our box. This would make one heckuva picnic, I tell you what!


Before we can dig in, though, we must assemble our tiny stove. Isn’t it cute?

Like a Little Camp Stove.

Eric assembled it and we were on our way!

First course – Thon Pommes De Terre (Tuna and Potatoes) – The stove had this dish bubbling like mad. I thought it smelled like hospital food, but we both agreed the entree was hearty, like a tuna casserole.

Mmmm, mmmm...Not Bad

Next up…..

Chicken Tajine – I’ll spare you a photo since this looks pretty much like the tuna, with less veggies. Full of curry and chickpeas. Not spicy but flavorful.

Oops! We forgot to start with the hors d’ouevres! So lets try them now, shall we?

Camembert cheese fondue – I thought this tasted gamy, while Eric thought it tasted like camembert.

Stinky Cheese!

Then there was a tin of:

Rabbit pate – Very, very good. I would serve this at a dinner party. In fact, this was the only thing I kept as leftovers. It was that good. Granted, it looked like cat food, but I can overlook that.

Tin of Rabbit Pate (Doesn't Tin Sound So Much Nicer Than Can?)

The biscuits that accompanied the cheese and pate were delicious as well. And there were a lot of them. Oh, we saved those, too.

And the French, God Bless ‘Em, they love their sweets. The MREs were packed with them. First, and my favorite, was the fruit jelly. Mmmmm.

Fruit Jelly

The chocolate bar:

These Had Something Crunchy Inside. Yummy!

Next came the nougat:

Nougat Bar, Flecked With Dried Fruit.

And lastly, the caramels!

French Caramels.

I believe the only thing we didn’t open was the instant coffee. This is what the dining room table looked like afterwards:

Just About Done Here

This was a fun little experiment and we really thank Jonathan for this extraordinary gift. How many people do you know that get to try French Military Meals? Il était délicieux!

And honestly, it would have made a really impressive picnic. All those tins!

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Diane DeVore says:

    I’m impressed! I gave the rabbit pate to the cat, I must admit. And I didn’t even try to assemble the stove! Well done indeed!

  2. Patti says:

    LMAO, Diane! We thought we should do the whole shebang…but it would have been more fun had you been here…

  3. Christy says:

    WOW – that is so cool! If I’m ever a victim of catastrophe or or decide to up and join the military, I sure hope it’s in France. I’ll take fondue, pate, biscuits, and chocolate over spam any day.

  4. Patti says:

    I know, right?