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Happy Birthday, Crystal!

Written by Patti on March 10th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Today is my sweet Crystal’s birthday. And in honor of my adorable friend, I am going to post some of my favorite pics of her.

Crystal and I met in 2002, when Eric was working with Teague. The first day I met her I spied her vegetable bible and knew we were destined to be besties. When she married Teague, Eric became ordained so he could perform the ceremony. When we moved to our neighborhood, we were thrilled that they bought a house on the next street.

They have been our friends through thick and thin and it is such a pleasure to call you my little sister, Crystal. I love you!

The prettiest bride ever!

I cried when they said “I do” all the way through the Krispy Kreme wedding cake!

I cried when we sent them off on their honeymoon for a month

And I cried for happy when they returned....

We’ve gotten wiggy with it…

Pink, for Crystal...

And a black bob for me...

We’ve celebrated birthdays..

Sometimes with belly dancers...

Even our friends got in on the act..

Sometimes at home

And always, with

your wicked sense of humor..

Better the robot than us!

We’ve eaten and cooked together

Well, really, you took over the cooking duties this night...

Uh, you did all the cooking on this day, too...

We’ve partied…

The Great Chili Cookoff of 05

At Christmas

Other Christmases and that wig again..

We’ve enjoyed the warm weather…


And we’ve relished the cold…


And everything in between. And you are anything but a fair weather friend….!!

Happy birthday, my darling girl!!

xoxo, Patti


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