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A Lavish Repast

Written by Patti on March 9th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This past Saturday night was the last stop in my birthday celebration tour.  And what a night it was!  My darling bff, John, took to the kitchen and whipped up the most amazing meal ever. I’m serious. If we could have had some judges there, he would have won a James Beard Award. And there was also a fabulous gift for yours truly!

The Maestro at Work

Plus, this was the first time seeing John’s new place, which is super chic, of course.  John, Danny, Eric and I gathered in Alpharetta for my last birthday hurrah of the year. It was the greatest time, we ate, we drank, we laughed – hard.  Oh, and the food, that swoony meal? Here are the photos!

First up, individual shrimp cocktails:

I Love Having My Own Little Serving!

Second course, steamed mussels in wine. Honestly, haven’t you had mussels in restaurants that come out all dried out – yeah, me, too. But these mussels were perfection. Every bite a juicy, plump morsel from under the sea. Spectacular.

Just Beautiful

I was even allowed into the kitchen to help a bit!

John and Patti, BFFs

After we had savored every last bite of those incredible mussels, we took a break and let me open my present. Yay, presents!

Look at the Size of That Bow and Box! Yippee!

And as John and Danny have impeccable taste, their present was so beautiful. They know me so well. And all of this came with cards that made me laugh so hard I almost…well, never mind. LOL

Hello Beautiful!

This decanter weighs a ton – it is so fabulous and I cannot wait to use it! Thank you my darlings!

Back to the dinner now!  Third course – bay scallops gratin. Individuals. Yumtastic. Take a look.


Really, this was unbelievable. The scallops were huge and perfectly cooked. The topping was sheer indulgence.  After this course we all needed a little break, because there is MORE TO COME!

Danny and Eric Ready For the Next Course By Playing Xbox

And John cooks on….

Our Chef For The Evening!

Two more courses, y’all.  And did I tell you the champagne flowed? Oh, yes, it did. I felt so pampered! What’s next, you ask? Why crab cakes, my darlings!

One Pristine Crabcake

At this point, we have almost fallen into a champagne and seafood coma. And really, would there be a better way to go? I think not! But there’s dessert….

White and Milk Chocolate Strawberries, Hand dipped By John

Pinky swear, I don’t think Caligula ate this well. This was one of the most spectacular dinners anyone has ever prepared for me. And since it was so obviously prepared with such love and care, you could taste it.

John, you are a constant joy to me. Thank you so, so very much! I love you!

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Patti says:

    Thanks! It was incredible!

  2. Lisa says:

    Seafood extravaganza!!!