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Golden Globes With The Gang

Written by Patti on January 21st, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

I’ve shared Sugar Coma with you and the macaron class on Sunday.  My thought was, heck, the house is clean – lets give a Golden Globes party for our besties after all the guests from  the macaron class go home. Made sense to me. And we had missed giving our New Year’s Day pajama party because we were both ill…so lets make it a Golden Globes Pajama Party! Whoo Whee!

Plus, Shameeka had been so sweet to leave the cheese and fruit tray with me – how could I let that go to waste?  We had a bunch of frozen dim sum in the freezer, which Eric supplemented with the yummiest onion tarts from Trader Joes. See?  You don’t need to cook every single time. Frozen pot stickers and onions tarts popped right in the oven and onto our trays. Perfect! It also didn’t hurt that Rick and Denise brought a killer crawfish dip (it was so good, y’all), John and Danny brought delicious pita chips with hummus, spinach dip and salsa, Tracy contributed chips and onion dip and Dave and Sue brought some crazy yummy cookies.

With jammies on (ok, so I was really the only one truly in pajamas – but I had been so busy all weekend I didn’t care), plate in lap and beverage in hand we commenced our viewing and critiquing of every person that showed up on the screen (what is that thing on Drew Barrymore’s dress? how insane is Ricky Gervais? what is Mickey Rourke wearing?) Oh, it was fun. And perfectly chill.

Yummy Onion Tarts From Trader Joes

Yummy Onion Tarts From Trader Joes

Dave's Cookies Before They Were Completely Devoured

Dave's Cookies Before They Were Completely Devoured

Our Gang

Our Gang

Go on, mix it up and give a pajama party. I double dog dare you.

xoxo, Patti


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  1. tristan says:

    looks like fun!! those onion tarts look tasty! i’ll have to try those out!

  2. Patti says:

    Thanks, Tristan! They are the easiest way to entertain last minute guests or even as a treat for you!

  3. tammie reed says:

    those cookies looked scrumptious yum!