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Frame Me!

Monday, January 4th, 2010


Good Morning and Happy New Year Darlings!

I am feeling so much better and so happy to be returning to you today!

I bet the holidays afforded tons of photo ops for you and your loved ones. It certainly did for us.  And some of those photographs are so precious I would like to preserve them. Maybe give them as gifts. Trust me – there is no better gift than a wonderful remembrance of time spent together. It is a gift that no one else can bequeath.  There was one time when I worked for a boss that was so much more of a friend than employer, but he had everything. He was impossible to buy for.  But – he had recently traveled to Scotland to play the holy grail of golf courses – St. Andrews.  I contacted his friend who had arranged the trip and lo and behold, he had a great picture of Kent teeing off on that famous green.  He was ever so kind to send me the negative and I had it enlarged and framed for him for Christmas. He was delighted. And who wouldn’t be? It was one-of-a-kind.  And it was all about the recipient. And that my darlings, is the heart of perfect gift giving.

This Saturday, January 9th, I am attending a framing workshop at Larson-Juhl in Norcross with the incredible Eddie Ross and the equally fabulous Jaithan.  Now, if you don’t know, Eddie has previously worked for Martha Stewart as the Senior Style Editor (!!!), so you know this is going to be the place to BE on Saturday. I am giddy with excitement.  And to top that, the class is free for bloggers and only $10 for the general public. Not only will Eddie dazzle us with framing tips, but he is also hosting a scrumptious little tea (wine) party, with all sorts of delectables.  And take a looksee at darling Eddie, don’t you just want to grab him and give him the biggest hug? Too cute.

Mr. Ross Himself

Mr. Ross Himself

Eddie is also hosting a treasure hunt the next day at Scott’s Antiques, but I’m not sure if that is already sold out.  To make a reservation for the framing class and/or the treasure hunt, please email Jaithan at for a spot.  I would love to spend the afternoon framing and visiting with you and Eddie. It is the perfect antidote to all the excesses of the holiday season and a lovely chance to meet some really lovely folks. Just think – one degree of separation from Martha!

And what does this have to do with giving a dinner party? Why, Darlings, don’t you think that photos of friends in frames would make the sweetest keepsakes and placecards?  I can’t think of a more wonderful way to let your dinner guests know how much you care and how happy you are that they are there.

Come on, email Jaithan and I’ll see you on Saturday!

xoxo, Patti