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Friendsgiving 2010

Written by Patti on November 16th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

I love the holidays. I love get togethers. And food. So get togethers revolving around food, friends and the holidays are the greatest.

Our besties, Crystal and Teague, throw a big Friendsgiving party every year. It is for friends and friends that are basically family. This year about 40 friends (some old, some new), got together for the annual pot luck. Crystal and Teague provide all the meats and this year that meant pork shoulder and two turkeys! Everyone else brings the sides and desserts and a beverage. It is the best fun and a sure sign that the holidays are under way.

Enjoying the crisp, autumn weather.

I brought my mother’s sausage, raisin and cornbread stuffing, although Eric says I can’t really call it my mom’s anyone because I have made so many changes to it. Anyhoo, I still consider it Mama’s dish, because she is the inspiration for it and no holiday would be complete without it.

There was oyster stuffing, more stuffing, a stuffed pumpkin, macaroni and cheese, fresh baked rolls, gooey cake, cobbler, brussel sprouts, ethnic dishes from South America, all kinds of stuff. Lets look at the photos.

Crystal takes a small break

Getting cozy by the fire.

Crystal, Holly, Me

Holly, Danny and Eric share a huge laugh.

And are joined by John.

Jeff tends to the fire.

While Michelle and Stephanie catch up.

There are always the cute couples, too.

Byron and Michelle

Colin and Tracy

Danny and John

Some of the guests were neighbors who moved away, but are still close to our hearts.

Mike, Oliver and Amy

I learned that Oliver is quite the photographer. Look at this fab photo he took with my camera.

What an eye!

And then there was the incredible bounty of food..but not before going around and saying what we are thankful for.

Giving Thanks

More giving of the thanks.

And now, the food!

There was beet salad


The turkey was delicious... was everything else...

Our friends Tim and Becky enjoy the fire.

And Tracy caught up with her college professor!

It was a perfect night. Thanks a million, Crystal and Teague, for always kicking off the season in the most scrumptious way.

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to The Jungle Book Soundtrack – That’s What Friends Are For


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