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Art of Such N Such

Written by Patti on November 17th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

Our neighbors are amazing. There is an expert for almost everything among our friends. One particular neighbor, Charlie Smith, is an incredible artist. And he has a polka dot van. I love polka dots. Not only that, but he also won the savory pie competition with his killer chicken pie at last year’s bake-off. ┬áSo when we all got wind of his show at Eyedrum, everybody went.

The show is a shoot-off from the Burning Man festival held in California each year. I always wanted to go, but Eric says I just like the idea of burning man, but the reality would not appeal to my delicate senses. But for just one night, I got to experience a piece of history at Charlie’s show, Art of Such N Such.

This night was so special. Lots and lots of fire and fire sculptures. Peep Shows with wonderous art inside, a photo booth, fire twirlers, music inside and outside the venue, ice cream, lentil cones and a giant Skee Ball machine that had fire burst out of it at intervals.


Charlie and Me

But first we ate. The Good Food Truck was there along with Westside Creamery. We started with the savory first. A Poodle hot dog for me and a lentil cone for Eric.

Poodle Dog, With Maple Syrup....really.

Eric's lentil cone.

Then it was time for fire!

I loved the giant Skee Ball machine, with built in chandelier!

Charlie, getting ready to stuff the sculptures with fire wood.

A pink car float or something!

Another shot of that Skee Ball game.

See the fire extinguisher? Safety first!

And a ton of our friends were there, too.

Hilton, Valerie and Jay hang with Eric.

Teague was there, too!

We loved seeing Michelle.

And between the dragons…

Waiting to breathe fire.

and the explosions…

I love a good explosion.

We caught up with our good friends.

Justin and me.

Bestie Crystal and me.

There was a DJ inside, spinning the hits.

Our DJ for the evening.

And beautiful girls with hoola hoops.

The drinks were crazy cheap and an absolutely astounding time was had by all.

Fire twirlers!

The Burning Man.

A million thanks to Charlie and all of those artists who inspire us everyday. It was a stellar night.
xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to The Ohio Players – Fire


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