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Let’s Drink To The Golden Globes!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

OMG – it is Golden Globes Day! My Superbowl!

This is so much better than the Academy Awards because all the celebs are drinking it up and you never know what they will say. It’s my favorite!

It’s also bestie Holly’s birthday, so Eric, besties John & Holly and I will be eating copious amounts of lasagne, garlic bread, bacon petit fours made by my friend Brandon at Bear Maker Bakery (bacon petit fours y’all!!) and a layer lemon cake, all washed down with champagne, cocktails and Whopper candies. Then we will scream at the television and critique all the dresses. I am SO excited. God bless Eric, who I am sure will eat with us and then excuse himself to play video UNO or watch a Star Trek episode or four.

While I am getting ready, I am letting my buddy, Katie, in NYC, take the wheel and whip up some awesome cocktails for your viewing pleasure.

How do you celebrate the Golden Globes?

Take it away, Katie!

FFF-Golden Globe Libations

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Still iced in here in Atlanta, but we have plenty of food and wine. It could be worse.

Plus, the Golden Globes are on Sunday! I love awards shows, and the Golden Globes by far is my favorite. All the stars are drinking at the event, so you have no clue what they may say in their speeches, making for a hilarious evening. Plus, you can enjoy it in your pajamas, with a drink in hand, hollering at the television set. Which I personally enjoy.

My friends in NYC, Esther and Katie, sent me these recipes for adult beverages that have 2010 movie themes. I love it!
Click here for these special drinks!