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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

My life is truly wonderful. I have an amazing husband, two adorable dogs, friends that fill my heart, a lovely, cozy home and a soft bed on which to lay my sleepy head each night.

Wait, you do, too? How marvelous! But it’s not something we think about each day, is it? I have never had much adversity to overcome, my middle class upbringing was pretty much like living in Mayberry and my loving parents kept me safe and warm, buying me anything I needed, including cute clothes and the newest styles of shoes. I received a car at 16, went to college and never pondered where my next meal is coming from. I married a man who loves me without fail and always shows it.

It’s astonishing to think that my reality is someone else’s dream. A dream that has been thwarted again and again by abuse, by poverty, by unrealized ambition.

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O.P.I. Party With The Girls

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

I love a fun night out with the girls. It has kind of taken me a long time to come around to this idea. Eric and I are just crazy for each other, but even oh-so-in-love couples need guys and girls time with their buddies.

Adorable Tami Reed of Talking With Tami recently invited me to a Girls’ Night Out sponsored by O.P.I. nail polish – you know them – with their scads of colors and adorable color names (“I’m Not A Waitress” comes to mind), well, I knew I could not say no. Plus it was held at Pampered Nail and Body Spa (341 Nelson Street Southwest¬†Atlanta, GA 30313; 404-521-2873), just minutes from my house. Really, this event was calling my name.

Really, just five minutes from my house. So Fab.

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Under A Mocha Moon

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

From yesterday’s post you know that Sunday was fashion day. It ended with Victor’s fashion advice, but started with some lovely bags at a “Sip and See” hosted by my friend Tami at Talking With Tami. Tami always gives the most fun parties and since I had missed a few of them, I decided I could not miss this chance to see her at brunch, hosted by Parker’s On Ponce in Decatur.

We all gathered to fete Tami’s friend Lori, CEO of Mocha Moon, makers of lovely travel bags and totes. And you know I love a tote.

And brunch. How I love brunch. There were yummy mini quiches, luscious pastries and some of the most decadent whipped cream coffee I have ever had. Also super tempting was the sparkling pink lemonade (and if you know Tami, everything has to be pinktastic Рand it was!)

As always, I met some of the most remarkable women. Dang, we have a lot of fab folk in Atlanta!

Diane, Jessica and Ursula

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