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You Drinkie, You No Drivie…..

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Wine makes a man more pleased with himself; I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others.
Samuel Johnson

Good Morning, Darlings! You all know how I love a glass of champagne or two. But please allow me to get serious this post. This holiday season if you are hosting a party, it is your responsibility to keep your guests safe and happy. That includes not allowing them to drink and drive. I am ridiculously fortunate to have a number of our party guests living within walking distance, but not all of them are so close.

At our pre-party planning meeting this year, we had a serious discussion with our bartender, Wallace, on the importance of letting us know when he feels someone has had a little too much joy and happiness. We consider him our co-host on this special night and with over 75 people swinging by to party and mingle, I won’t be able to keep my eye on all the activities at once. So we are counting on his experience to help keep everyone safe. The fact that this year’s theme is black tie should  keep inhibitions a tad under wraps as well.

Dancing At The Black Tie Affair

I Love A Black Tie Affair!

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