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Fun Find Friday – Insatiable by Gael Greene

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

With summer upon us, that means a vacation and for many, a beach vacation. What should you pack for your vacay? Why, an excellent book, you big silly!

After yesterday’s gigantic post, I thought I would keep it simple today.  Pick up Insatiable by Gael Greene, the fabulous food critic. It’s what I’m reading now and it is a hoot!  By the second chapter she has told us about her daliance with Elvis, and a fried egg sandwich. I was hooked.

And I think you might be, too!  Amazon has it for an incredible price, so you could pick up one for everyone in your book club (you could have a beach book club!)

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

xoxo, Patti