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Dinner for Persephone

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

POM Wonderful contacted me recently to let me know I was one of 100 folks chosen to throw a dinner party with them. A bundle of goodie bags and two cases of pomegranates landed at my door not too long after.

48 pomegranates. Big, red and heavy with seeds. How would I possibly store them all? Google came to my rescue and informed me they would stay fresh in a cool pantry for a month. Excellent.

I love the pomegranate and I love the story of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, who, as she thought she was leaving behind her husband, Hades, forever, was tricked into eating several pomegranate seeds. You see, anyone who eats or drinks anything in the Underworld is doomed to spend eternity there. As Persephone only nibbled a few pomegranate seeds, she was sentenced to return to the Underworld every Winter, thus creating the seasons.

The Return of Persephone

If Persephone were in my home, you know I would have fed her so much more than a few seeds. Let me tell you how the menu would play out, like it did in our home last week.
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