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Party Week – Day Four

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Good Morning, Darlings!

Wednesday was a doozy, if I do say so myself.

My sweet Chioke, Taruan’s significant other, told me Taruan has been called to the Bahamas to do some work on the Atlantis. Now, I know Taruan would much rather be here in Atlanta with me, deciding where the bar should go as opposed to being on an island paradise, but work is work. He will return soon and then I will know where to put everything for the party.

Art Director Tracy is feeling much better so today we set out to buy some glitter with which to coat branches and pick up her dress from the tailor. Michaels had all the Martha Stewart glitter we could ever need and a visit to Hancock Fabrics yielded some lovely ice blue netting for the table. After those errands, we visited Tracy’s tailor to pick up her dress. Uh oh….this was not what she had asked for. Her bustier had been taken in where she didn’t want it taken in and the skirt was no where near what she had asked for. But I know a swell tailor named Alfredo in Sandy Springs and we ended up taking a drive to see him and ask his opinion. He explained that the way the skirt was cut on the bias made it impossible to turn said skirt from an a-line to a mermaid skirt. It still looks gorgeous on her and she was happy.

Starting With A Pile of Stuff

Starting With A Pile of Stuff

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