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How Chefs Cope With Turkey Day

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

The Buckhead Life folks are responsible for some of our city’s most famed restaurants. Their Head Chefs give us a little advice for dealing with the year’s most fretted-over dinner. Don’t fret, Darlings. Grab a beverage and see what our chef buddies have to say.

Daryl Gassmann – Chops Lobster Bar
“The best advice I could give to anyone about cooking Thanksgiving dinner is to ask for help! Don’t try to be Martha Stewart unless going all out is what you’ve been waiting for all year. Most guests love to bring a pie or a side dish. They enjoy it and Thanksgiving is one of those dinners that feels more special when everyone chips in.”

Charles Schwab – Buckhead Diner
“My best tip for Thanksgiving is to brine your turkey in a salt water solution (1 cup of Kosher salt to 1 gallon of water) for 1 hour per pound of turkey two days before cooking. Pull your turkey out of the brine the night before cooking and place it on an oven rack over a baking sheet. Place the unwrapped bird in the fridge and allow it to air dry. On the day of your meal, rub your turkey with butter, sage, and lemon and roast until it reaches 155 degrees internal temperature. No more dry bird.”

Doug Turbush – Bluepointe
“Get creative with your aromatics. Stuff the bird with a split head of garlic, thyme, parsley stems, onion, celery, carrot, ancho chilies & orange zest. This will not only flavor the bird, but give your gravy a little zing too. And, I couldn’t do without the perfect wine to accompany me as I work and the bird when I’m done.”

Piero Premoli – Pricci
“My favorite ingredient for the Thanksgiving Dinner is pumpkin and my favorite kitchen tool is my roasting pan. When pumpkin meets a roasting pan, with the help of fresh chili, aged pecorino cheese and olive oil, it’s magic! You won’t believe how good a vegetable can taste.”

See? Easy! I will be back with all sorts of tips through the week. I wouldn’t dream of letting you go it alone!

xoxo, Patti

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