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A Once In A Lifetime Evening With A Legend

Written by Patti on March 4th, 2014

Good Morning Darlings,

You may or may not know, that not only do I enjoy writing Anatomy of a Dinner Party, but I am also the co-owner of Atlanta Movie Tours.

When I received this invitation, it was beyond anything I had even imagined to put on my Bucket List.

Apocalypse Now, Dracula, The Outsiders, Peggy Sue Got Married and of course, The Godfather – this was an invitation to spend a very special evening with the world’s greatest film director, Francis Ford Coppola to discuss wine and films.

Pinch me! I am not quite sure how the invite made its way to me, but I am not one to look a gift horse (or horse head) in the mouth. My sweet Eric was scheduled to be my date.

But, there was a work emergency and at the last minute, he couldn’t go. Should I just miss it?

Of course not! When would I ever get another chance like this? Never. So I set off solo to meet the Maestro of Cinema.

Atlanta’s most beloved venue, The Fox Theatre, was the backdrop for this exclusive evening. Just walking up to this icon makes me happy with its sparkling marquee.

The Coppola Wine event was held in the Egyptian Ballroom, not in the main theatre. That alone gave me chills. This was a SMALL affair. There were no more than 100 guests enjoying wine and small bites as we waited for the arrival of Mr. Coppola.


There was lots of sipping these exquisite wines as the anticipation grew. My favorite? Sofia’s Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine. Not only is it lovely to drink, but it is lovely to look at – wrapped in pink cellophane twisted at the top to mimic a peony, Sofia’s favorite flower. And mine, too.

Pink and Peonies – A favorite of Sofia and me!


Another lush offering was Director’s Cut Pinot Noir. Not only did I love the yumminess of this vintage, but I loved the label. Later in the evening, Mr. Coppola would reveal that he had to invent a special label maker for this particular wine since it wraps around the bottle.

I will be serving both of these at future dinner parties. Especially Sofia’s adorable little cans of bubbles which come complete with their own sweet straw. Love!

The time was now here to meet the Master. I took a seat in the front row (how did I score that?) and as we watched a montage of the 34 films directed by Mr. Coppola, he appeared as if by magic. A standing ovation was a fitting welcome for the man who gave the world so many masterpieces.

Stories from his past, his movies and of course his vision as a winemaker made for an unforgettable evening. He regaled the group with so many stories that kept us engrossed for over an hour. We were privileged to hear the songs he wrote for his grandchildren and even how he committed to making a film each year to keep the winery going.

Favorite quote of the night: “I didn’t want to make Godfather II. Shakespeare didn’t make a Hamlet II.”

I liked his wines before, but now, I am devotee.

Thank you, Mr. Coppola, from the lady in green in the front row who asked what television shows you were watching right now.

xoxo, Patti



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  1. What a wonderful event you had Patti! We both adore Francis Ford Coppola and his wines are excellent. Couple of years ago we visited his winery in Napa and enjoyed every sip. Our favorite as well remains the Sofia Blanc de Blancs 🙂

  2. Patti says:


    It was an incredible evening. I will remember it forever!