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Darden’s Delights aka You Don’t Have To Bake

Written by Patti on January 12th, 2012

Good Morning Darlings!

Our good friend Sarah showed up this past Sunday night bearing a Lemon Chess Pie.

The pie came from Darden’s Delights and it was ridiculously delicious. Holy cow. Sarah must really love us because we all had a slice and then she left some extra with us. We love you Sarah!

The pie came with a little piece of paper that told of their mission statement. The revenue from the pies support those with developmental disabilities in the community. Darden is the name of the baker’s adorable daughter, who was born with Down’s Syndrome in 2005.

In the past I have taught mentally disabled students and have coached Special Olympics, so this venture is really close to my heart.

Plus, the pies are insanely good. I’m sure you heard me say tons of times that you don’t need to prepare every single thing you serve to your guests. Always take advantage of the services of someone who can do it better. And I sure as heck couldn’t make a lemon chess pie that tastes as good as Darden’s can make it.

It's that Lemon Chess Pie, y'all!

With all sorts of yumminess to serve to your guests, why would you bother making a pie? It takes forever, and who knows if the crust will be flaky or soggy. Order from Darden’s. They even ship! I love shipping!

Next, I’m trying their butterscotch pie. Mmmmmmm, butterscotch!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my, yum! Pie of any kind sounds especially good today. “Lifestyle changes” although necessary really stink. Now I really want a piece of chess pie … wonder how long I would have to stay on the treadmill for this one.