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FFF-Feeling Girly and Crushing on Blogs

Written by Patti on July 8th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

An evening of leis and mai tais last night in the kitschy confines of Trader Vic’s with a marvelous group of girly girls has me feeling particularly girly today.

So I thought I would introduce some bloggers you may or may not know yet.

The girliest of the bunch.

Everyday I wake up, check email and leave just one email as my reward for going through the sea of PR releases and product promotion. That email contains the daily blog post of Cassandra and Company at Coco + Kelly. Cassandra is an interior designer in Seattle with the most delicious sense of style. Every blog post is a feast for the eyes. Today she is musing about a home office.

Cassandra's dream home/office

Cassandra also just returned from a junket to Italy. Capri, in particular, which made me want to grab my passport and go.

Camille Styles is chock full of luscious party ideas. Every detail is painstakingly thought out. I can only imagine her amazing organization skills. Today Camille is musing about a “White Party” ala P. Diddy. Somehow, I bet her party would be more fun. Not only does Camille give you a list of everything you need to give the best party, but also what to wear. What could be better?

I want to party with Camille.

This next blog is very near and dear to my heart. Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen, is not only ridiculously talented, but one of the dearest people I have never met. You see, Brooke selflessly took it upon herself to create, design and deliver to me my breathtakingly beautiful blog banner. Yup, that’s all Brooke. I adore her. You will take one look at her blog and want to spend the entire day with her, sipping coffee and nibbling treats hot from the oven, while her charming children create a happy cocoon around you with their laughter. She cooks, she blogs, she mothers, she charms everyone. You have to go see what Brookie is up to today.

Um, Brooke? Those look so good...I'm starving now!

The last blog I leave you with today is Turquoise and Teale, who I just found on Facebook this morning. Ashley has gathered some gorgeous images to make you feel like a princess. Yesterday’s blog was about ruffles. Ahhhh, ruffles. Is there nothing girlier?

I need this bedding!

A million thanks to the ladies that inspire me everyday with their sheer girliness in all forms.

What makes you feel girly?

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Flower Drum Song – I Enjoy Being A Girl


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  1. Melanie says:

    Lovely Links Darling!

  2. Lisa says:

    Fun links sweetie! Always fun to find new ones.


  3. Patti says:

    Ashley! You are so welcome! Love your blog. xoxo, P

  4. Patti says:

    Lise! Aren’t these sites swell? xoxo, P

  5. Patti says:

    Thanks, Mellie! xoxo, P

  6. Patti says:

    Brooke – My blog would be so dull without your gorgeous design! THANK YOU! xxoxo, P