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Noontime Moonshine & Snow At The Ritz

Written by Patti on July 5th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Oh, how I love The Ritz-Carlton. I know that seems like a no-brainer, but they are always giving me new ways to love them.

I recently had one of those days.

This time The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta is making it snow in the middle of the summer. Yellow snow. And it is delicious!

But so is the pink and purple snow. You see, I’m talking adult snow cones here. Passion fruit, melon and blackberry snow cones, filled with libations.

Last week, I gathered up my sweet friends Melanie and Vanessa and we were off for a special tasting at Lumen, easily the most glamorous spot in all of Atlanta.

Beautiful Vanessa and Melanie, our birthday girl!

EB Mby, the charming Director of Food and Beverage, guided us through our culinary tour. We started with those fabulous snow cones, so lovely and their colors matched the paintings in the lobby as well!

Mr. Mby took amazing care of us.

The snow cones come in three flavors – Watermelon with Bacardi melon and tequila; Passion fruit with Leblon Cachaca & bourbon; and Blackberry with blackberry puree, Bacardi Berry Acai and NC moonshine. Unbelievably delicious.

A super cool trio.

One cannot subsist on snow cones alone. The menu made sure we were in balance.

EB lavished us with the best new additions to the lobby menu. Chef Brian has really put together some luscious treats. I was very excited to try the crab lollypops. They were fabulous. Crunchy on the outside and crabby creaminess inside.

An adult lollypop, for sure.

Okay, we ate. How about another round of snow cones? Don’t mind if we do. This time we got a chance to watch Yuen at the bar craft these frozen delights.

Yuen crafts the ice into a point, so that when she inverts them in the glass, they fit perfectly.

Next, the fresh purees and then the alcohol is added.

No artificial flavors here - ingredients are pureed fresh several times a day.

Time to sample more menu items. How about some crispy steak fries topped with parmesan cheese, veal sliders with brie & roasted pepper jelly, lamb tacos and lamb ribs? Ridiculously scrumptious.

These steak fries stayed crispy until we devoured them.

Veal sliders. Talk about an upgrade!

Leave it to The Ritz to think of using these adorable clothespins to keep the lamb tacos closed tight.

I mustered all my decorum not to pick up these lamb ribs and gnaw the meat right off the bone.

The best part was getting to visit with Chef Brian. An Atlanta native! Now that’s a novelty. We talked gardening, sustainability and gathering the best local ingredients from area farms. Chef Brian was so good to take a chunk of time to visit with us. I cannot wait to go back to see what he’s doing with the menus up at The Atlanta Grill.

Executive Chef Brian Jones.

A million thanks to EB Mby, Chef Brian Jones, Yuen and Marita for taking such great care of us. But most of all, thanks to Sandra Ryder, who keeps me in the loop of all things Ritz. You are the best!
xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Frank Zappa – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow (but go ahead if you are at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta).


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  1. Lisa says:

    I love the tacos! Definitely a tip to try at home.

  2. Patti says:

    Lise! Isn’t this the cutest idea? Those adorable little clothespins!

  3. Melanie says:

    It was bliss! Lumen is so gorgeous & the service is impeccable! The snow cones & delishy food? TO LIVE FOR!! Thank you so much Patti & let’s go back again soon!

  4. Patti says:

    Mellie – it was the best! xoox, P

  5. Jennifer says:

    Oh my! What a fun afternoon! The food and the drinks look fabulous and I am sure tasted amazing. You do have some of the best adventures.