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St. Simons – Day Three, Part One

Written by Patti on April 13th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

You are looking very refreshed from a good night’s sleep in your ocean front room. What should we do first?

Breakfast? Yes, indeedy!

Our dear driver, Mr. Dick, picks us up in the trolley and we merrily motor downtown. And it’s sunny out today! Hooray! Destination – Sandcastle Cafe. Owned by Tim & Melissa Wellford, who were more than happy to chat with me about food. If you do nothing else, go to St. Simons and get their cinnamon buns. I swear this might have been the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. Seriously.

The Sandcastle Cafe. Take a seat.

The buffet’s the thing here, with made to order eggs, pancakes and waffles. But, oh, those cinnamon buns…..

Insanely good cinnamon buns. Homemade everyday by Melissa.

Time to work off those buns by strolling around the charming downtown area. It is the cutest. Right on the ocean, with sweet breezes and some of the most interesting town folk. I popped into JC Strothers to check out the fishing poles and overheard some locals discussing Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. He’s apparently in town, soaking up some rays and some local culture.

JC Strothers, for all things sporty.

It's a shark rig! No, I have no idea what that even means. But it looked cool.

Time to board the trolley again and head over to visit Miss Millie Wilcox at The Left Bank Art Gallery. Miss Millie is the most amazing woman. She modeled as a young lady and has traveled everywhere. Her stories were so interesting and so charming, I could have stayed with her all day and still wanted to hear more. I am really hoping to return to the island so I can spend an afternoon with her.

The art work was varied and as delightful as Miss Millie. My favorite artist was Frank Whipple, who paints the most whimsical scenes of naughty nuns.

Gorgeous Miss Millie and me.

A glimpse of Frank Whipple's naughty nuns.

All too soon it was time to leave the gallery and Miss Millie’s incredible hospitality. What’s next? It must be lunch time! We head back to downtown and visit Chef John at Palmer’s Village Cafe. I loved the twist on southern cuisine here.

Palmer's Village Cafe.

Chef John Belechak.

I just have to share the pictures with you. The food was mouth wateringly good.

Poached eggs over light collard greens, ham & buttermilk biscuit topped with pot likker gravy.

Light tomato soup with fresh herbs and a hint of smoky goodness, finished with lemon cream.

Toasted hoagie, hollowed and filled with ricotta cheese and red pepper chicken salad.

Texas cut french toast served with warm spiced maple syrup and fresh strawberries. So good.

Amazing! Thanks, Chef John!

Need a nap? Me, too! But come back soon. You will not believe what we are doing next!

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Judy Garland – The Trolley Song


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