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FFF-Foster Fine Foods

Written by Patti on March 25th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Fun Find Friday this week is joined by another FFF – Foster Fine Foods. Fun!

After receiving a box full of their delicious goodies, I took the olive oils to a neighborhood get together with a baguette as an appetizer. Now, I’ve tasted a lot of olive oils in my travels, but seriously, these were good enough to drink. And that is not an exaggeration. They tasted better on chewy pieces of baguette, but they could easily have stood on their own. I would not suggest cooking with these oils, they deserve better than that. Let me tell you about my newest taste find.

Arbequina - Fruity and Smooth

Arbequina – Fresh, fruity and smooth

Type of Olive Oil:
Extra Virgin made with 100% Arbequina olives, a Spanish olive varietal
Maximum acidity of 0.3%

Tasting Notes:
This oil has pleasant, fresh and fruity aromas with notes of almond and green tomato. The flavor features green fruits with medium intensity and light notes of pepper. It is very smooth and buttery with a nutty flavor and a pleasing sensation on the finish.

How to Use:
Perfect for salads, vegetables, poultry and fish

Spicy Picual

Picual – Fresh, intense and peppery

Type of Olive Oil:
Extra Virgin made with 100% Picual olives, a Spanish olive varietal
Maximum acidity is 0.3%

Tasting Notes:
This oil has a fresh, intense aroma characteristic of the olive variety with notes of fresh herbs, fresh-cut grass, red bell pepper and fresh artichoke. The flavor is moderately fruity and very peppery, making this a very pleasing oil with good character and tremendous freshness.

How to Use:
Best used for roasted meats, fried potatoes and stews

Everything from Foster is imported from Chile, which gives them an extra special dimension for me. Eric and I traveled to Santiago a few years ago and fell in love with the food and of course, the wine. These olive oils made me feel like I was on vacation again. Food will do that, don’t you think? Taking you on mini-vacations when you can’t leave town?

These gorgeous creations can be found at The Fresh Market and Star Provisions here in Atlanta, as well as online here.

Thank goodness. I would hate to ask for these beauties back from my neighbor. That would be downright mean.

xoxo, Patti

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