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A Very Happy Hollyday

Written by Patti on January 18th, 2011

Good Morning Darlings!

Sunday night was a double whammy – the Golden Globes and our beloved Holly’s birthday! A dual reason to celebrate.

Now, you might remember me trying to make Holly a “healthy” cake from black beans, as documented in this video. That didn’t go so well. So, I tried again Sunday morning to make a “real” cake. Not so great, either. Note to self – it is extremely difficult to soften butter at room temperature when it is snowing outside.

Oh, geez, what to do now? Cake Hag to the rescue!! If you remember, they were the star of our dinner with Eddie + Jaithan this past summer, with their luscious red velvet cake. I called Maggie & Katie and even though they had been closed due to the snow/ice storm, they had one perfect cake, just for me. I have never been more relieved. Four layers of rich, dark chocolate cake layered with scrumptious chocolate buttercream. Thanks, Ladies!!

The party was a very small affair – just a few of our favorites gathered to fete our girl. And to holler at the television.

Oscar wishing Aunt Holly a happy birthday

Eric and I spent the better part of the day in the kitchen. It was so much fun. I challenged myself to see if I could put together a glamorous party for Holly using only what I had in the house. How did I do? Here’s the menu:

Cream cheese and Fig Preserves in Puff Pastry
Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Tarts (I cheated a little and bought the cheese)
Mini Lamb Sandwiches with a Rosemary Aioli
Chips and Two Salsas (Green and Red) – ok, I bought the chips…
Pork Pot Stickers with Soy Sauce
Spinach and Artichoke dip in a bread bowl with Crudite (John made this)
Birthday Cake (which we ALL know I didn’t bake – thanks, Cake Hag!)

Not too bad, huh? You just have to get creative with what you have. I had some homemade pie dough in the freezer, we caramelized the onions, prebaked the shells in a mini muffin tin and then spooned in the goat cheese, topped with the onions and baked them again just before everyone arrived.

A table of goodies.

Bestie Holly and Me.

We opened a few bottles of bubbly, made a signature cocktail for the night – Espresso Martinis, nibbled and watched the Golden Globes.

Clint, Holly and Karen.

Matt and Danny.

Clint, Eric and John.

Besties Holly and Clint with me.

Um, I couldn't even find proper birthday candles for the cake! LOL

It didn’t matter – it was all so much fun.

And that cake was DEElicious, y’all!

Happy Birthday, Princess Holly!

Wishing Holly the best day ever!

And all our favorites from Glee won! Look, it’s Jane Lynch!

And it's Jane for the win!

Happy Birthday, Holly. You are the epitome of a true friend and I feel so lucky to call you my bestie. Love you!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Clint says:

    Those caramelized onion tarts were amazing! I am soooo stealing that and making it ever chance I get! I also loved those mini lamb sandwiches. Delish!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like a fun evening, Patti! Sometimes of the best meals came from just using what we already have. And that cake looks so good!

    Hope you enjoyed the great snow.

  3. Holly says:

    Thank you for the best birthday with the best friends ever! It was fabulous!

  4. Patti says:

    Clint – sending you the recipe right now! Adored seeing you Sunday night.

    Jennifer – isn’t it true? It was such fun to challenge myself and it all turned out really well (except for the cake…)

    Holly – The best guest of honor ever. You are my darlingest dear and I love you!!

  5. Millie says:

    Hi Spin & Hollster!
    So sorry I couldn’t be with you girls but I’m SOOOOOO glad you decided not to feed our birthday girl black bean cake: best decision ever. Some things you just can’t compromise on. Patti- I’m so glad our friend has you to always count on in Atown!

    Love you both,