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Up to My Elbows in Cocktail Napkins and Kleenex

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Good Morning Darlings!

You all know how busy we all get during the holiday season. Great googly moogly there are a lot of parties and get togethers happening.

One must take it easy or one might….catch a cold and be on the couch for a few days. Like I have been earlier this week.

So my greatest piece of advice this holiday season is to stock up on echinachea and orange juice and get plenty of rest where and when you can (go ahead, use up those sick days – you have parties to rest up for!)

Now, full speed ahead for this year’s Black Tie Christmas Party – there’s two pork shoulders to cook and shred for bbq pork sliders, turkey to chop and mix up with dill, mayo and other ingredients for dilled turkey salad sliders, potato chips to drizzle with chocolate for that one bite of something sweet. Our decorator will be here at 2:30 on Saturday, just passing me as I leave to get my hair done, which will mean we will be passing each other when I return to have my makeup done by Richard at 5ish. Champagne needs to be chilled and the table needs to be dressed. So much to do!

My dress is picked out and Eric’s tux is ready to go (I think…), shoes have been matched perfectly and accessories gathered.

Should be a perfect night. I am also debuting a little surprise of my own…

xoxo, Patti

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