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The Four Most Read Posts – Number 1!!

Written by Patti on August 20th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Happy Birthday to my little blog! She is one today! So exciting.

I bet you are dying to know what number one is. The most read post this year comes from the weekend I spent getting to know Eddie + Jaithan, and meeting the divine team from Larson-Juhl. I have to mention my friend Arlynn, first, as she is so sweet to always follow the blog and leave the nicest comments, there are also big hugs for Lynn and of course, Larson-Juhl’s wonderful CEO,  the charming Steve McKenzie.

Before I link you to the number one post of the year, I hope you will indulge me by letting me thank some very special people who have been amazingly generous to me over the past year.

1. As always, is the love of my life, Eric, without whom there would be no blog. He planted the idea. I love you, Honey!

2. Erika Rich, who swept in like a fairy godmother and so generously offered to host the blog and tutored me on the fine points of blogging. You are my mentor.

3. Brooke McLay, the adorable, darling author of Conversations With A Cupcake/Cheeky Kitchen, who came up with a banner so beautiful that I just sat at the computer and wept when I saw it. And then just gifted me with it.

All the amazing folks I have been so blessed to meet this year – Laura Scholz, who is determined to make me famous; Tami Hardeman, who invited me to some of the most fun events ever and introduced me to Sandra Ryder, who, in turn opened the door for my column about The Ritz-Carlton hotels for Design Is. Walt Ray, the Editor-In-Chief of Design Is, who told everyone I was the new Lifestyle Editor before I even knew. Shameeka Shy Ayers, Queen of All Media, for just being fabulous and for introducing me to Eddie + Jaithan, who I love so dearly. Spencer, Allison, LaToyin and Neil from Black Tie BBQ, who have become dear friends to us!

Then there are the besties – Bless their hearts for allowing me to photograph every morsel of food before it went into their mouths. Clint, Matt, Lisa, Crystal & Teague, Holly, John, Danny, Vickie, Diane, Chioke, Taruan, Curtis, Jay, Valerie, Denise & Rick. There would be no blog without you. You are the stars here and I love you!!! Thank you for putting up with me and my incessant picture taking!

I leave you with the number one post of the year – The Larson-Juhl Experience. And because it’s my blog and I can do what I want, some of my favorite photos from the last 12 months.

Clint & Me. Christmas 2009

Crystal & Teague. Christmas 2009

Danny, Taruan, Chioke, John and Me. Christmas Party 2009.

Popeyes Chicken and Wine Tasting. 2009.

Halloween 2009. End of the

Gay Pride 2009

Tina, Allison and Me. Cinco De Mayo 2010

Tami and Me. Bloggers Bake Sale 2010

Holly and Me. Thanksgiving 2009

Miss Sylvia, Clint, Eric and Me. St. Patty's Day 2010

Miss Sylvia, Clint, Eric and Me. St. Patty's Day 2010

Eric, Me. Taruan, Chioke and Holly. Sugar Coma 2010

Vickie. Easter 2010

Taruan, Jay, Valerie & Jill. Wine Tasting/Val's Birthday 2010

Jay and Valerie. Val's Graduation 2010

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great choice for a number one post, dear Patti! It was a grand weekend without a doubt and one of the most enjoyable of my year as well!

    I do enjoy all of your entertaining and culinary adventures. What a delight!


  2. tami h. says:

    happy blog-o-versary, Patti. Thanks so much for the nice words & it’s been a joy spending time with you since your return to the A. xoxo

    – t*

  3. Patti says:

    Good Morning Jen!! Thanks for being first this morning on this very special day for me! I love reading about all your adventures on the farm, too! xooxo, P

  4. Patti says:

    Tami! Without you my life would be so dull. xoxxo, P

  5. Clint says:

    What an amazing year! We are all so proud and impressed. Keep up the great work!

  6. Happy Birthday, I can’t believe it has only been one year. We were thrilled to share your #1 read post, thanks for your friendship and we look forward to many times together both real and cyber in the future! Congratulations.

  7. Patti says:

    Arlynn, my sweet girl! Thanks for always being there with a upbeat comment. You have touched my life in more ways than you know! xoxo

    Clint, baby! Being back in Atlanta and spending time with you is one of my greatest joys! Love you!

    Steve – I am thrilled to have gotten the chance to meet you and I look forward to many more years of friendship with you and everyone at Larson-Juhl – my NUMBER 1!!! xoxo, P

  8. Kathianne says:

    Congrats on your first year Patti! Looking forward to many more.

  9. Lynn Fey says:

    Happy, Happy Blog Birthday. I hope you are celebrating with cake! We are thrilled and honored to have been a part of your number 1 post. I’m looking forward to reading year 2:-)

  10. tami says:

    Congrats!!! Woot!

  11. Patti says:

    @Kathianne – I love learning how to cook a vegan meal for you this year and now you will be gone. 🙁 I think you are just darling and will be well loved everywhere you go! xxoo, P

    @Miss Tami – Thank you! I have certainly enjoyed meeting you this year – you are a peach!! xoox, P

  12. Patti says:

    Dearest Lynn! I celebrated with flan! Super yummy! I am so thrilled to have met you this year and look forward to building a friendship with you in the upcoming years! xoxo, Patti