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Fun Find Friday – The Gamerator

Written by Patti on August 13th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This week’s Fun Find Friday comes to you via my sweet husband, Eric, who is always on the lookout for the cool stuff.

The Gamerator is pretty swell if you are a lover of video games. And beer. I have to admit, it would be loads of fun after everyone is finished with dinner. And since it has a keg built in – it’s interactive fun!

Here are the deets, peeps!

About Gamerator

A creation of The Custom Bar Guys, Inc. THE GAMERATOR strives to be the ultimate fixture in the world of home entertainment.

Each unit is pre-loaded with over 85 licensed classic arcade games. NOTE: Unit includes the original, licensed PC copies of all games listed. These are not emulators or knock-offs, they are the original games.

In addition, because of our commitment to making your Gamerator experience as enjoyable as possible, we will purchase a FREE one year subscription to GameTap’s Gold membership on your behalf, providing you with online access to over 1,000 more games! (Visit GameTap for a full list)

Other Gamerator features include …
* A refrigerated interior capable of holding a standard keg of domestic beer, as well as a 5lb. aluminum CO2 tank. (International keg taps are also available, please see our ordering page for pricing information.)

* A 26 inch flat-panel HDTV

* Two conveniently-placed cup holders to house your beverage while playing

* All Gamerators now come standard with a trackball system in addition to the dual joystick setup. The trackball is currently not pictured, but it will now be included on ALL units.

In addition, the Gamerator can be fully customized to your particular needs. Virtually any video game system on the market (past or present) can be hooked up to the Gamerator … XBox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, NES, Genesis, etc. NOTE: Most gaming systems require an adaptor (not included) to use the dual joystick system, though all can be played with original system controllers. (Adaptors can be purchased via a third-party such as

Also, the Gamerator runs Windows XP, so you’re free to add virtually any other PC game you’d like!

Gamerator Specs: 75″tall X 38″wide X 38″deep
Approximate Weight: 400 lbs
System: Refurbished desktop PC, Windows XP


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