Anatomy of a Dinner Party: a day in the life of a hospitalityaholic

The Kiki and DeeDee Supper Club

Written by Patti on July 22nd, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

We go to a lot of events. Dinner parties we throw, cocktail parties feting fab friends, cookouts and birthday celebrations.

But last night was a first. Eric and I were hosted by not one, but four hostesses, at a dinner party in Decatur.

Let me explain.

Invited by my friend, Elizabeth, who I met through bestie Clint (you all know Clint, right?), to the home of her good friends, Allison and Joel. Oh, their home was dandy – a grand piano, fantastic art created by Joel himself, it was a very elegant setting. Allison even set their lovely table with collected silver and beautiful southern china. Add Victor, a most dapper Image Consultant (I have got to call him) and you have got yourself the recipe for a perfect night.

A Genteel Table Dressing

I especially loved that Allison labeled all her platters and serving dishes as to what was being served in which dish (take note!)

Shrimp Goes Here

A round of blueberry mojitos began the evening. So luscious. And as the ladies put the finishing touches on dinner, the rest of us sat on the back porch, getting to know one another and enjoying the fireflies flitting about.

Elizabeth Pops Out Of The Kitchen For Some Time With Victor

We discussed our first jobs, paper routes as children and the idyllic small towns Victor and I both grew up in.

And then, it was time to eat!

Elizabeth With The Main Course

And let me tell you, it was quite the feast. Granny Emma’s shrimp – full of butter & pepper (as all good southern grannies cook), butter beans, collards, grits, artichoke chow chow and fresh french bread to sop up all that butter from the shrimp. Delicious.

Allison's Got The Butter Beans

Joel Totes The Shrimp To The Table

A Close Up Of That Platter Of Scrumptious Shrimp

And we feasted. And feasted. And, okay, maybe one more serving of shrimp. Yum, yum, yum!

Allison and Elizabeth got up to clear the table and with all the lively conversation, we didn’t realize until some time that they had been gone a while.

But not to worry, they had gone out for more wine, and Kiki & DeeDee popped in to fill the hostessing duties. Kiki, a stewardess for Kudzu Air (they’re everywhere) and her equally blond compatriot, DeeDee, swept in and kept us entertained.

That's Kiki On The Left, DeeDee On The Right

Looking so 1975  with their matching Farrah Fawcett hairdos and polyester outfits, they kept us giggling. DeeDee even did a reading from the 1965 classic “Glamour’s Party Guide,” which states that “every good hostess should have at least one ashtray per party guest.” Don Draper would approve.

DeeDee Reads From The Hostess Bible, Circa 1965

DeeDee took time from her reading to serve us all a tasty blueberry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.

Nothing Artificial About Dessert!

And then, it was over. Poof.

How did you spend your Wednesday evening?

xoxo, Patti

Today blogging to Elton John and Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I MUST get a jumpsuit overalls combo with elastic at the ankles!

  2. FAYE says:


  3. Patti says:

    Allison, thanks a million for everything. It was a great night! xoxo, Patti

  4. Patti says:

    Elizabeth, that shrimp was amazing!! You are a true delight. xoxo, P

  5. Clint says:

    I am so wanting to party with Kiki and DeeDee. Oh for the love of God.. I just got the Kiki Dee reference… HA! That is flat out awesome Patti!

  6. Quinn says:

    Geez, that enormous platter of shrimp! The meal sounds very thought out – I like how it started and ended with blueberries.

  7. Patti says:

    Clint! My little darling – wish you had been with us! xoxox, P

    Quinn – You get points for being extra observant! I didn’t even notice that blueberries started and ended the evening. A+++! xoox, Patti

  8. Patti says:

    Allison! You know it, Baby! oxox, P

  9. Victor says:

    What a perfect evening. Interesting people, delightful conversation, and great food… let’s do it again! Kudos to the hosts (with a nod to co-hosts Kiki and DeeDee and their fabulous hair)!

  10. Patti says:

    Victor, I look forward to seeing you very soon! xoox, P