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For The Love Of New Orleans

Written by Patti on July 8th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Louisiana, home of creole and cajun cooking, southern mansions and the unbreakable spirit of New Orleans. They have seen hard times, yet always bounce back with graceful resiliency. From Katrina and now the BP crisis, you might be wondering how the Paris of North America is faring.

They are faring quite well, thank you. And you should go and see for yourself. Party on Bourbon Street, enjoy the Garden District, listen to some down home music in Faubourg Marigny and don’t forget the beignets at Cafe Du Monde. With New Orleans only a 7 hour drive from Atlanta, you could be there in no time.

The Party Never Stops!

I have been in contact with my friends in New Orleans, Char Thian at the Ritz-Carlton and Kelly Schulz with the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. who tell me that all is well in their fair city and the best way to support it is to come and visit! Now, how many other ways can you give back by eating the country’s best cuisine and drinking up a storm? Only in New Orleans.

Take a look at this link. Honestly, the time has never been better to support New Orleans and have a dang good time in the process. The folks there are the friendliest anywhere and that food…OMG, that food. I am dieting right now in anticipation of my visit at the end of July. Can’t wait to drink sazeracs and eat all the luscious treats at Galatoire’s Friday lunch. You can even walk around with that Pat O’Briens Hurricane, as they encourage drinking and walking. But please grab a cab or a fab street car if you need to go further than your feet will take you.

But if you can’t get there right now, our own Pacci, in Atlanta, is supporting the cause with “We Cook While They Clean”.

We are very proud to announce that we will be joining the relief efforts in the wake of the devastation caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with our “We Cook While They Clean” fundraiser.

Beginning Wednesday, June 23, $1 from every seafood dish on our lunch and dinner menu will be donated to the Gulf Relief Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to providing relief to the fishing community of the Gulf Coast and their families. For more information on the Gulf Relief Foundation visit   “We Cook While They Clean” will continue until fishermen are back in their boats.

You could even plan to go down on July 30 – Aug 1, when I’ll be there. I would be happy to meet you at Tujagues for a evening of tippling. Come on down!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. Lisa says:

    My favourite city and not just because that’s where I met Bob!
    Hoping to get there in the Fall..

  2. Patti says:

    Lisa, how romantic!! oxoo, P

  3. John Channell says:

    Great of you to remind all of us how wonderful New Orleans is and how many struggles they are having to overcome.

  4. Patti says:

    Arlynn! I would be thrilled if you all were coming down the same time we are there. Let me know?? ooxo, Patti

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oh. I love New Orleans. Being a coonass myself, it’s one of my favorite spots. Went last summer for to visit family and found a restaurant that you must go to, Patti – Cochon. Amazing food and a fabulous moonshine selection!

  6. Patti says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth! Lisa recommended Cochon to us on our last visit and we didn’t make it over. But this time we will have a car and definitely go! xoxo, P

  7. Patti says:


    It really is one of my favorite cities in the world (next to Inverness and Atlanta, of course…:-))


  8. tiffany says:

    Patti –

    As an asian cajun, i’m always appreciate of any good publicity my hometown city receives. Thanks for the spot!

    and WHO DAT!!

  9. Patti says:

    Tiff, you are my favorite New Orleans native!! xoox, P

  10. Dana says:

    We have reservations for Paccia on Sunday – YUM!

  11. Patti says:

    Yay, Dana!! You are supporting the Gulf Clean Up, just by eating – isn’t that swell? xoox, P

  12. Rae says:

    what a cool site, I am from KY, but I have adopted New Orleans as my home!

  13. Patti says:

    Hi Rae!

    New Orleans is so special to me. I love it so much!


  14. KyraQ says:

    “Do you know…what it meanssss….
    to miss..New Orleenzs” Ahh, yes I do. THis place is in my heart. I am always longing for it.