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Special Bonus Post – Sending You Packing

Written by Patti on June 11th, 2010

Good Afternoon, Darlings!

I realize that it is rare for us to get together in the afternoon, but I had to share this with you.  Stephanie Johnson is having a sale!  For those of you who are not familiar with Stephanie and her bags, let me clue you in.  She has been featured in all the best fashion mags, from In Style to Vogue.  Plus, I used to be her personal assistant when I lived in L.A. (glamorous work if you can get it!) So I might be a wee bit partial to her. But with very good reason.

The Very Glamorous Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie and her design group create travel bags that answer all your storage questions. Trust me, I have been in these meetings and we asked all the questions you would have when you are getting packed and ready to go.  Want to pack all of your cosmetics, but just need a few things to take to the pool with you to look your best?  You need the ML Traveler, with two snap out mesh bags – how fab is that? I love it! And of course I own the bags. I have the tote, the Marlo in Tribeca (I swear, I take my Marlo everywhere – it’s invaluable…and cute!) These bags will hold all your cosmetics and your jewelry (check out the jewelry roll – no more tangled necklaces!) With everyone jetting off on vacations this summer, you need these bags. Even if it is just for a weekend in the islands, you could grab your tote, stash your bikini and sundress and go!

The ML Traveler -Pack It All And Then Remove The Snap Out With Your Lipgloss For The Pool!

My Marlo Doubles As A Mini-Purse When I Am On The Go

If You Must Take Your Jewelry, It Can All Go In The Roll!

Pop Your Bikini & Cover-Up Into Your Tote

And now for the best part –  from now until Sunday, June 13, when you order online and use the code “sjfriends” at checkout – you get FORTY PERCENT OFF! Nope, that is not a typo, because you are my darlings, Steph is offering 40% off. Pretty incredible, yes? Now you can buy it all up and be the coolest babe at the beach!

That is, if you can beat me to it. Go, go, go!!

xoxo, Patti

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  1. tammie reed says:

    Those bags are too cute!