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Lunacy Black Market

Written by Patti on April 27th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Last week, Eric and I visited Lunacy Black Market, the newest venture by Chef Paul Luna.  If you are familiar with restaurant lore in Atlanta, you would know that Chef Luna is legendary.  His past places have included Luna Si and Loco Luna, and he is back in town after a decade long absence with a cause. I once had a friend that worked for him and Chef Luna’s passion in the kitchen often translated to wild tantrums.  Has he changed?

Of course, he has. It’s been a decade. He has a gorgeous wife and partner in Cynthia, from D.C.  What’s that you say, Chef? You are running for Mayor?

Still, passionate. Okay, and still a bit wild.

Uninspired Cuisine? Explain, Please

Uninspired cuisine was explained to us as not being stuffy, no gimmicks. Just great food on little plates. That are delicious. Chef Luna explained that one should not have to pay much to enjoy art – even the art of food.

We agreed as we gobbled all the goodies that came to our table – with most dishes not over $3.00. Oh, and for right now, BYOB – and no corkage fee. Find that anywhere else in town.

We started with the mozzarella in tomato sauce. And for extra fun at Black Market, you can visit on a Monday night and take a mozzarella making course. How cool is that?

Fresh Made Mozzarella

Between dishes we enjoyed the looney decor – kimonos hang on the wall next to portraits of Michael Jackson and giant flip flops.

Kimonos On The Walls

Giant Flip Flop On The Floor

The whole place gives you a feeling of being in some bohemian loft in SOHO circa 1975. I like that. And Paul Luna likes it that way, too. He explicitly did not spend his money on interiors so you could enjoy his cuisine for a song.

Next up – fresh fries. Might be the best fries I have ever eaten.

Piping Hot Fries - Perfect

Spicy and Delicious Shrimp Arrabiata

Chicken Curry

Braised Beef With Roasted Pepper and Ricotta Cheese

We also devoured a plate of roasted mushrooms with  crushed tomato sauce before we could snap a photo. Oops!

While lovely Cynthia wrapped up four mini cupcakes for our dessert at home, Chef Luna sat down and visited with us.  And yes, if you go, you will see him. He told us, if he is not in the restaurant, the restaurant is closed. I really don’t know one other chef that can claim that. And he is a delight.

We talked about his fight with City Hall and his upcoming run for Mayor.  Chef Paul is going totally grassroots for this venture, but you can bet he would shake up the suits in Atlanta government but good!

Count On My Vote, Chef Luna!

I think Chef Luna would make an excellent Mayor.  All of the passion, none of the bull. Hey, that would make a grand motto.

Go ahead and use it, Chef Luna. And count on me to help with the campaign.

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Christy says:

    Sounds delicious! I want to take the mozzarella class. Christy