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Taruan’s Birthday – Don’t Call It A Party

Written by Patti on April 21st, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

This past Friday was my sweet Taruan’s birthday date of birth celebration day. Called a “get together” by his partner, Chioke. Tomato, tomahto – I call it a party. And it was such fun!

Chioke always has something surprising and fun at his parties get togethers and this time was no different. Take a look at the outside of their house as we walked up.

Nope, That Doesn't Scream "Party". Not One Bit.

How about we call it a “birthday roundup”? Maybe that sounds too much like a rodeo. Anyhoo…

More surprises awaited us inside. Chioke had rented a frozen drink machine for making margaritas and daquiris. Mmmmmm!

Still Not A Party?

And there was pizza from Slice. And beer. And Jenga. And Trouble – anyone remember Trouble from their childhood? Yup, we played that, too.

Frozen Drinks Give You A Brain Freeze? How About A Stella?

Crystal brought her wicked deviled eggs (really, this seems like a party)…I consumed as many as I could before they were all gone. I’m not kidding, these things could be a food group.

Our Bestie, And Host for The Evening, Chioke

And we played Jenga. We are a Jenga lovin’ bunch, I tell you.

Tiffany Takes Her Turn At Jenga

PJ, Chioke and Tauran - Who May or May Not Have Had A Birthday Party...

Jenga Break

From the Top, Marcus, Sean, Julian, Val and Leila

Eric and Tiffany Enjoy the, uh, Round Up!

Next up, Trouble. Hilariously played as adults.

Remember? I'm Sure That Popping Noise Drove My Mother Insane When I Was A Kid

Taruan and I Playing Trouble

And there were card games, too. Are you sure this isn’t a party, Chioke?

PJ and Taruan Play Spades, But Not At A Party, Mind You...

And there were tons of laughs.

Our Newest Friends and Neighbors, Sean and Marcus

Ashley, Tiffany and Val

Harold and Brandon At the Card Table

My Number One Darling

And then, all of a sudden, a HUGE cake appeared. With candles. And gummy bears.  I don’t know about you, but cake always says party to me. Although, this could just be the dessert portion of the night. You decide.

Dessert For The Date Of Birth Gathering

And then Taruan made a wish and blew out all the candles. But don’t call this a party.

Blowing Out the Get Together Dessert Candles. Still, NOT A PARTY...

Oh, who is anyone kidding? This was every bit a party and a great one, at that. Thanks, Chioke for your constant inspiration and to you and Taruan both for being the dearest friends. We love you!

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Holly says:

    Looks like a lovely get together, event, gathering…what the heck – it looks like a party to me!! Happy day of your birth Taruan!

  2. Chioke says:

    You are too much Patti! Thank you for always making our time together special-and photographing it! One day we’re all going to be sitting around talking about “back in the day” and looking over these pictures (and laughing). That was the best “get together” I’ve ever been to. (hehe- we’re bad).

  3. Patti says:

    Holly – it was a lovely shindig!
    Chioke – You’re Soooo Bad! But good bad. Like the party, get together, hootenanny. xoxo, P

  4. Taruan says:

    Fine! I’ll concede! It was a friggin party! But it was a lot of fun with all of my favorite things and favorite people! Yay 31! Thank you so much Patti for the pictures… they and you are pretty amazing.
    XOXOX Love Taruan

  5. danny says:

    Happy Birthday Taruan! The pictures say it all, looks like way fun.. Danny..