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Birthday in NOLA – Part Deux

Written by Patti on February 25th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

Our second day in New Orleans my sweet Eric woke up early and decided to take a walk while I got pretty for the day. After primping, I walked out to find him and we met at Harrah’s. Mr. Perfect was armed with cafe au lait and fresh beignets from Cafe Du Monde.  We walked down to the river and had an impromptu picnic breakfast while enjoying the tugboats.

A Wonderful Way to Start Our Day

Here’s a photo of my yummy beignets:

What's Better Than Sweet Fried Dough? Pretty Much Nothing, That's What

Eric and I took a walk along the riverfront, stopping at the Holocaust Memorial.  Instead of it being a sad occasion, it is a celebration of spirit.  The monument looks different from every angle. I took a photo, but it just cannot do it justice.

Holocaust Monument

It was an overcast day in Louisiana, but still full of life. We walked from the river over to Jackson Square, a beautiful park close to the French Quarter.

The Center of Jackson Square

I liked all the people watching here.

The Ice Cream Must Be Good If Abe Eats There

Juggling Lessons

All this people watching made me thirsty, so we ducked into Stanley for some milkshakes. Mmmmm, milkshakes.

Another Open Kitchen At Stanley

A Strawberry Shake for E and a Pecan Pie Shake for Me

The fellow sitting next to me ordered the po boy sliders and was kind enough to let me photograph them. Don’t they look delicious?

If I Hadn't Just Eaten Breakfast....

It was time for another stroll. This time, the French Quarter. Still decorated for Mardi Gras (but without the crowds).

Loved All The Balconies

It was in the French Quarter on this very day that Eric purchased the most fabulous painting for me from a very chic gallery. More on that much later. But suffice to say, I am thrilled.

Eric and I just ambled around and took in the sights. Then popped into Fritzel’s for a beverage (thanks for the tip, Arlynn!)

Errol's Handcrafted Cocktails. I Had The Amaretto Sour!

And on to lunch. They do a lot of eating in New Orleans, so I felt right at home.  We headed to Frank’s for muffalettas. Well, a half of a muffaletta. They were huge. Accompanied by some fries and cokes the size of missiles, it was plenty.

Sandwich Species - "Muffaletta Gigantis"

After lunch it was time for some gift shopping and a trip to the Absinthe Museum. That was cool. Then back over to Chuck’s for some more beverages and cheap jukebox fun. This time the bar was filled with old men playing pool and singing every Four Tops and Temptations song that the jukebox carried. I loved it.

At this point it was getting time for dinner and we decided to have dinner at Rambla, located right in our very own hotel. Best meal of the trip.

And dinner, of course, started with cocktails – a blueberry cosmo for me and a bombay breeze for Eric. Excellent.

Care To Join Me?

And then the food. Really amazing stuff.

We tried grilled octopus, a ridiculously yummy charcuterie platter, bone marrow with bacon jam (!!), the mushroom flatbread and wrapped it up with chocolate mousse topped with not only whipped cream, but chocolate Pop Rocks! It was all fantastic.

But seeing is believing, yes? Yes, yes it is.

Rambla's Menu

Charcuterie Platter

The Mushroom Flatbread

Grilled Octopus Served Over Pureed White Beans and Topped With Fennel

Bone Marrow With Bacon Jam

Sexy Candlelight To Dine By

That Chocolate Mousse Before It Was Completely Devoured

The best day ever. And we still have two more to go!

Thanks for joining me on the journey! Day Three tomorrow, Darlings!

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Patti says:

    Thanks, Arlynn for the tip. We loved the bartender at Fritzels.

    Everyone had such great advice on where to go, wish we could have hit everything!