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Handcrafted Giveaway Day With Miss Becky

Written by Patti on February 4th, 2010

Good Morning, Darlings!

I know you are always looking for those special hostess gifts or a little luxury for yourself(!) It is tough to be continually creative. Once, in a pinch, I realized I had forgotten to pick up a hostess gift as we were headed for the party, so we swung into a drugstore and I gave the hostess some Sponge Bob Squarepants bubble bath. Thank God she considered it to be fun and quirky. Now that I am a little more experienced, I like to keep a stash of goodies to take to a party hostess.

Today, I have the perfect hostess gift for you. No, really, I have a gift for you! My sweet friend and neighbor, Miss Becky, has been making these remarkable, handcrafted soaps. And she is so delightful, I bet you will feel happy when you suds up. Good karma + good soap! Becky and her husband, Mr. Tim, have made a serious mark on our neighborhood by just being there for all the kids. They have a non-profit called the Beltline Bike Shop, that supplies bikes to our neighborhood kids after they have completed a certain amount of clean up in the neighborhood. They tutor, they have crafts days, they made sure the entire neighborhood had Halloween makeup and costumes. Becky and Tim are pretty much our resident saints.

But, let’s talk about this fab soap!

How Cute Would It Be To Take a Themed Gift To A Tea Party?

I will let Becky tell you about the details.

Design your own gift basket! Select any three of Intown Sundries’ handmade soaps. A custom gift basket will be designed just for you. The soaps will come wrapped in parchment paper and raffia or ribbon and individually labeled with their scent. Resting in a bed of shredded pages from an old French novel in this cute produce-style basket, it’s the perfect gift of simple, every day indulgence.

Each bar is made using the cold-process method, cured for two weeks, and will leave your hands soft, clean, and smelling fabulous.

You may choose from Lavender, Orange-Rosemary, Vanilla Brown Sugar, Jasmine Green Tea and Oats and Honey.”

My personal favorite is the Jasmine Green Tea – it smells so yummy! But they are all fantastic. And our giveaway basket includes a bar of each! You can also see the collection at Becky’s Etsy shop: Intown Sundries. Isn’t that the cutest name? I have visions of sitting on a stool, drinking a milkshake at the counter! She also has the darlingest blog (with a ton of helpful, sensible tips) at From Our Front Porch. I would recommend you stop by and visit her sites for some fun shopping and for some down home advice your granny didn’t give you.

Mr. Photo, please!

The Adorable Miss Becky and Her Fab Soaps

Can you tell what a fun afternoon we had taking photos by this shot? We were feeling giggly!

Soothing, Calming Lavender Soaps

The Oats & Honey Soap Will Leave You All Smooth and Soft

Do You Need a Burst of Freshness? The Orange & Rosemary is For You!

Miss Becky's Apron Full of Soap

When Life Hands You Oranges...And Rosemary....

I Had To Include Miss Becky's Gift To Me - Isn't It Gorgeous? You Could Do This At Home, Too!

I adore it when folks really take note of the details. Not only are Becky’s soaps divine, but they come nestled in a sweet basket lined with shredded french novels – how cool is that? Ooh, la la, y’all!

Feeling creative?  You can take a class for that!  Miss Becky can come to your house and teach you and your friends how to make her fabulous soaps. This would be a fun idea for a bridal shower, a birthday or any time you are feeling bubbly!  For more info, leave a comment for Miss Becky on her blog here.

And to win the gift basket of super yummy soaps?  Leave a comment and I will announce a winner (picked randomly) on February 11th.

Good luck!

xoxo, Patti


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  1. Emily says:

    These look DELICIOUS. By which I mean, I won’t eat them, but they are very pretty and I can almost smell them from the photos. Pick me!

  2. Sandy says:

    Is it weird that these soaps are making me hungry??? Haha. I think I’d like the Jasmine Green Tea one too!!

  3. Emily R says:

    I think I would have to go with Vanilla Brown Sugar, Orange-Rosemary and Oats and Honey if I won. Those are my cup of tea =)

  4. J’ adorable! I want orange-rosemary – it’s seasonal and I bet smells divine. Hope I win!

  5. Courtney Fahey says:

    This is awesome. The soap looks great and I love Becky’s apron! 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    What a great blog! The soaps look wonderful. Such a talented lady Becky is. Soap making is one of her many, many talents. I can’t wait to try them myself soon.

  7. Heather S says:

    What a lovely giveaway, I would LOVE to win!

  8. Henria O. says:

    These soaps look so yummy that I could eat them!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Is it too selfish of me to say that I HOPE I WIN! 🙂

  9. tammie reed says:

    Those look delightful awh nice! I can smell them all the way over here lol.

  10. lisa says:

    I ended up here from the Beltline Bike Shop blog, and am happy to have found yours. The soaps really look beautiful and would make nice valentine’s day presents. 🙂 And, love the French novel idea as well!

  11. Jaime says:

    WOW! I love all of the flavors of the soaps and the new photos are fab! Yay Becky!